Paul Olorunrantimi

I’m Paul Olorunrantimi who loves freelancing, blogging, SEO, teaching freelancers how to make money online, and helping business owners scale up their Return on Investment (ROI).

I’m elated to see you taking the time from your busy schedule to visit my blog’s about page in order to have a better grasp of who I am and what I do here.

Well, I am married to a lovely partner and quintessential queen, Shalom Olorundunni.

Why Freelancing

As a matter of cosmic truth, I love helping freelancers and anyone passionate about making money online and achieving their total financial freedom to make their dreams come through.

I have been there and I know where the shoe pinches when it comes to freelancing and making money online.

You can’t be too careful and at the same time avoid taking risks.

You will need to be daring and learn how to create your own financial freedom with the aid of the skillset you possess.

With over a decade of experience when it comes to freelancing, I can state categorically that the journey has been bittersweet, but worth the time, efforts and resources put into it in order to be financially independent.

The decision I took to venture into blogging and be financially independent has been one of the best decisions that have helped my career trajectory, shaped my lifestyle, and uplifted my standard of living.

Why Freelancing
What do I
blog about?

With my vast knowledge when it comes to making money online, I take it as a sense of responsibility to share my experience, strategies, and knowledge in the following areas for you to benefit.

Here they are:

1. Freelancing

2. Blogging

3. SEO

4. LinkedIn

5. Upwork

6. Making money online

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