As a lover of making money online, blogging, and freelancing, I desire to teach people how to make money, secure clients, and establish a good living condition.

The utmost purpose of this blog is to educate readers/visitors. We let you know the entire process of what I did and how I make money online.

However, it should be stated in unequivocal terms that I do not guarantee you will make the same amount of money and offer a quick money scheme.

I do not claim or represent how and what you will earn when you take in the information therein on this website.

The testimonials and statements from individuals and companies should not be interpreted to amount to what you will earn.

I do not, cannot, and will not claim earnings, average, or otherwise; there are NO average earnings.

Always do your research (DYOR) before you choose to toe the path of a course of action.

Success in your chosen career hinges on many factors such as your educational background, mental agility, devoted time, available resources, ethos, and norms.

Take the advice of your qualified advisors.

There is no guarantee that you will earn money using any ideas, strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques.

Various factors are to be considered before you can determine your accurate results, and there is no promise or guarantee on the results like mine or anyone else.

Examples, case studies, and instances presented should not be construed as promises or guarantees of earnings.

However, no warranty is made that you will achieve any result from the ideas.

We will not share in your success, nor will I behold responsible for your failure or any actions taken in any of your endeavors.

Kindly note that past performance and results shouldn’t indicate a possible future outcome.

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