Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA)

Here at Busy Earner, we take the concept of Intellectual Property very seriously and abhor copyright infringement.

Therefore, it is in our policy here at to respond to a clear call regarding an instance of alleged copyright infringement in full conformity with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (

If you have reasons to believe that your Intellectual Property rights have been infringed upon on our contents and users, kindly notify us.

Note that all notices would comply with the notification requirements of the DMCA and MUST provide the following information in English:

  1. Proper Identification of Self, either as:
  • The owner of a copyrighted material(s), or
  • The person “authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.”

2. Identification of the copyrighted work alleged to be infringed.

3. Identification of the specific material claimed to be subject to the infringement that is to be removed by the administrator.

4. Provision of the web address under which the link has been published.

5. Provision of contact details, including full name, address, and phone number.

Note: Under the DMCA, claimants behind misrepresentations concerning copyright infringement are liable for any resulting damages incurred due to removing or blocking the content.

Please consult your Legal Advisor before filing a Notification of Claimed Infringed Copyright. Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act provides that any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material is infringing may be subject to liability.

Please send notifications to with the title ‘DMCA Takedown.’

Once a proper Copyright Infringement notification is received by us,

  • It is our policy to remove or block access to the infringing material.
  • We would notify the provider and users of that content that it has been removed or has had access to it disabled.
  • We would warn the content provider that a repeat will have the infringing material removed from the system, and will terminate such content provider’s access to the site.

Please give up to 2 business days for an email response from us. I appreciate your understanding.

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