Thousands of High-Paying Freelancing Clients On LinkedIn outsource their creative requirements. All you need to do to get them is to make yourself stand out. I’ll show you how to attract high-paying long-term clients on LinkedIn in this article.

If, as a freelancer, you struggle to get clients on LinkedIn. It means you’re not doing the right things to attract clients. Your strategies are not working, and you need to change that to get the desired results. 

Many people get it wrong by using cold generic messages to find new clients. But, no, that won’t work. And you don’t expect clients to start running after you just because you have a LinkedIn account.

Attracting clients on LinkedIn goes beyond creating a profile. It’s not that simple. You must be strategic, creative, and, most importantly, consistent. Thousands of freelancers like you are trying to get freelancing clients on LinkedIn. To get new leads, you need to stand out from the pack.

Here’s how you can improve your chances with high-paying freelancing clients on LinkedIn. 

1. Identify Your Target Prospects

The first step to finding clients on LinkedIn is to identify who your target prospects are. Know individuals or businesses that may require your skillset. You can start by assessing your skill and then build your portfolio to show you’re among the best in the industry. 

If, for example, you’re a business promoter, you must first decide whether you want to work with established brands or help startups. Then, whichever you choose, build a customer persona around it. 

After that, make an effort to search for these individuals or businesses. Start using keywords related to your interest, niche, or industry on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to narrow your search down using appropriate filters.  

This strategy will help you get new clients and nail more projects on LinkedIn.  

2.   Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

I mentioned above that just creating a LinkedIn profile doesn’t guarantee jobs. It would help if you had strategies that would give you an edge over others. And one of the things to do is to optimize your profile.  

LinkedIn profile optimization will make clients find you easily. It’ll help present your professional life perfectly.

Do the following to optimize your LinkedIn profile:

  • Upload a professional profile photo – Let the client see the best version of you.
  • The headline should be a profile summary of the service you offer. Be concise and specific.
  • Indicate your location so that local clients can find you easily.
  • Include a descriptive but brief job title. 
  • Add previous job titles and experience.

3. Take Advantage of Shared LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups provide means of bringing people with common interests together. They are ideal for connecting with prospects. If you know your way around, LinkedIn groups could be your goldmine.

Join groups where you can find people similar to your ideal clients. Do this by searching Linkedin using your skill or desired industry as the keyword. You can also join groups where your target prospects are members. All these will enable you to connect with more prospects. 

And once in the group, share your knowledge and experience by participating in the group’s activities. It is a great way to meet and interact with target prospects. And it’s one of the best ways to generate organic leads.

4. Get Recommendations

Recommendations from your connections can go a long way in getting you more projects. When people read the recommendations you’ve received, it makes them trust you and believe in your capabilities. 

Request a recommendation from your connection. LinkedIn will notify you whenever someone drops one for you. You can accept, hide, or request a revision if you don’t like the content of the message. 

Recommendation is a kind of review of your previous works. It’ll help new clients have confidence in you.

5. Create High-Quality And Engaging Content

LinkedIn works like other social media platforms such as Facebook. The more content you post, the more engagement you get. You can boost your LinkedIn reputation by regularly posting high-quality and engaging content. 

Write articles and create videos addressing trending issues in your industry. Provide insights and solutions to problems affecting the industry. This will make people see you as an authority in the industry. 

Consequently, potential clients may contact you for more projects when they engage with your content.

Also, if you have a blog or a Youtube Channel, add it to your portfolio or include the links in your profile. It’ll make you more visible to your potential clients.

6. Leverage Industry-Related Connections

Connecting with people on LinkedIn is an effective way to build a robust network, especially if it’s industry-related. It is an ideal way to generate organic leads. Therefore, whenever you meet new people in your industry, whether online or otherwise, ensure to send them a connection request. 

Sometimes, all you need is one high-paying client to make the difference. And you wouldn’t know the connection that would land you that first major project. So sending connection requests is an excellent strategy to build your network on LinkedIn proactively.

7. Personalize and Follow Up on Your Connection Requests

Sending connection requests is another way to expand your reach and get new clients on LinkedIn. But you also have to be strategic about it. 

Firstly, avoid using LinkedIn’s default message whenever you send a connection request to a new person. Instead, send unique and personalized texts. Then, you stand a better chance of connecting with prospects if you take the time to write out a short and personalized message.

Also, avoid copying and pasting proposals. It won’t make you look professional when you do so. Personalized messages increase the odds that the recipient will accept your request. And it’ll make them want to interact with you further.

However, you don’t need to begin your request with a proposal. Instead, you can start with a general conversation and chip in your proposal down the road. 

Once the person has accepted your request, follow up with a thank you message. And use the opportunity to start a conversation by commenting on their businesses or asking an industry-related question.

In Conclusion on How To Attract High-Paying Freelancing Client On LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn account is your gateway to millions of individuals and companies willing to outsource their business needs. Treat it as your CV and, at the same time, your front desk. Give it your utmost attention.

You must identify your target prospects and optimize your profile to adequately reflect your personalities and capabilities. Clearly state your niche, interest, and industry. Know where to find potential clients and connect with them by sending a personalized request.

After that, engage them with high-quality content consistently. Share your knowledge and expertise, and provide solutions to industry-related problems. This will make prospects see you as a professional and an authority in the industry. 

Finally, getting clients on LinkedIn is only half the battle. Keeping them is another thing entirely. Learn how to treat your clients the right way. Only through customer satisfaction that your clients will remain loyal to you.


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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