Fiverr is an amazing freelancing website with endless opportunities to earn money. You will never know if nobody tells you about the Fiverr Affiliate program. 

Outside being a freelancer on Fiverr, you can also be an affiliate and earn mouth-watery commissions. 

So, for the benefit of you hearing about the affiliate opportunities on Fiverr for the first time, you have a lot to learn. 

By the end of this article, you will learn how to become a Fiverr affiliate and start earning. 

Even if you aren’t getting enough freelancing clients, you can still earn through the platform’s affiliate program. 

What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Fiverr is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs. It’s easy without much hassle. 

All you have to do is recommend the products and services available on the freelancing platform. 

Affiliate programs on Fiverr are outstanding compared to other platforms. And that is because of the cookie duration. 

That means whenever a client clicks on your Fiverr affiliate link; you still get a commission for about a year. 

Whenever the client orders from a freelancer on the platform, you get a commission for the next 12 months. 

Interestingly, this program is worldwide. You can promote your affiliate link to over 160 countries. 

The good part of it?

It’s easy and free to open an account on the platform. 

All you need is an email with no link to an existing Fiverr account. 

How to Join the Program

I earlier promised to teach you how to become a Fiverr affiliate. Well, that is what we will be talking about in this section. 

To become an affiliate member, you need to join the platform. And here is a step-by-step procedure to join the Affiliate. 

#1. Visit the Sign-Up Page

To become an affiliate program member, you must visit the Sign-Up page. It’s quite easy. 

Visit the Fiverr Affiliates home page, sign up, and enter your personal information. 

When choosing a password, ensure that you go for a strong password. It helps to avoid security breaches.

#2. Write a Brief About Yourself   

The affiliate sign-up page would ask you to write a brief about yourself. Your emphasis on this page should be on how you promote Fiverr services vis-a-vis your audience’s interest. 

The rule of thumb here is, to be honest. Avoid giving fake information. Otherwise, it may affect your performance on the platform. 

Fiverr will send you promotional materials to help you perform better as an affiliate. 

But if you give wrong information about your experience level, you may not get additional support from the Fiverr team. 

And such support will go a long way to help promote Fiverr products and services. 

Once you feel all your details, agree with the Fiverr Affiliates’ “Terms of policy” before registering. 

If you follow the process as explained in this article, viola! You will become a Fiverr affiliate. 

Why Should You Become a Fiverr Affiliate?

Being an affiliate on Fiverr comes with several pros; some of them are; 

  • It’s very easy to sign up. 
  • The homepage is smart and sales-friendly. 
  • The platform allows you to either use a one-off or a 12 months link. 
  • Every member of this program gets exceptional support from the Affiliate team. 
  • The commission structure is mouth watery. 
  • Every freelancer on the platform is verified. So, you are basically promoting reliable and trustworthy products or services. 
  • The Fiverr Affiliates landing page is very informative. 
  • There’s little or no competition on the platform. 

The Challenges of Being a Fiverr Affiliate 

As amazing as the Fiverr Affiliate program seems, it has some real challenges. The most common one is that you can only earn from the program if a new seller signs up and purchases services. 

That means you aren’t getting anything even if an existing seller clicks on your affiliate link to purchase a product or service. 

Damn! That is some real sh*t mhen… 

Fiverr Affiliate Commission Rate 

Generally, the commission rate for this freelancing affiliate is appealing. 

Fiverr has two affiliate plans – a $15 to $150 CPA for first-time buyers. If a seller signs up to Fiverr and purchases services worth $150, you will get a $15 commission. 

Wow! That is amazing. 

But before you celebrate, let’s check the second plan. 

In the second affiliate plan for compensation, Fiverr shares $10 CPA plus 12% of revenue from all the client’s purchases on the platform within the next 12 months. 

Okay, let’s think for a second. 

Just imagine a premium, high-paying client sign up on Fiverr via your affiliate link. And purchase services worth $10000 in 12 months… 

You will be getting $1000 worth of commission. That is so exceptional. 

In a nutshell, the Fiverr affiliate commission rate is juicy. And if you are passionate about making more money and have an unquenchable thirst for success, you will find this affiliate opportunity interesting. 

Type of Fiverr Affiliate Commission Plan 

There are three types of commission plans on Fiverr. As an affiliate on the platform, you should understand each of them. 

You tend to earn more from this affiliate program if you understand these various commission plans. 

#1. CPA Commission 

CPA is an acronym for cost per action. In this affiliate program, you get a commission for every user who creates an account and purchases a product on Fiverr via your link. 

You can earn as high as $150 for every first-time user on Fiverr who visits the platform via your link. 

But this commission plan is a bit dynamic. So, you can earn between $15 (minimum) to $150 (maximum).

For instance, if a user who registers on Fiverr orders any of the Fiverr Pro services, you get a whopping 150 dollars. 

#2. Revenue Share Commission 

The revenue share commission plan is very juicy. It’s mainly for Fiverr learn and platforms. 

If you promote these platforms, you will get 30% commission for every course you sell and 50% commission for every referral customer paying.

#3. Hybrid Commission 

The hybrid commission plan is a blend of both CPA and revenue shares. In this commission plan, you get $10 CPA and an additional 10% revenue share for every referral customer paying for the next year. 

How Does Fiverr Pay Its Affiliates? 

Now you are a Fiverr affiliate and have started making money, your next question should be, how do you receive this money?

It’s quite easy anyways. Fiverr is like every other affiliate platform.

Once you meet your monthly payment threshold of $100, you can withdraw your earnings through different payment methods. 

It could be through bank transfer, Paypal, and Fiverr revenue card. 

Now that you understand the Fiverr affiliate don’t forget to share this article. 

Who knows, this article could be the game-changer for someone out there. 


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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