This article is handy if you have been searching for the best Fiverr alternative to explore. 

You are about to give up. 

You are exceptionally skilled and have awesome communication skills, yet you can’t get a job on Fiverr. 

In fact, you have tried every trick in the book. Yet, not getting any result. 

You basically submitted proposals for every job request on Fiverr. Including those with ridiculously low prices. 

But no client ever contacted you. 

At some point, you start convincing yourself that perhaps, freelancing is not for you. 

And what breaks your heart the most is that everybody talks about your skill. 

Whenever you write, people feel so connected. 

Whenever they see your designs, they are amazed. 

You are awesome in your craft. Yet, it seems nobody wants to hire you on Fiverr. 

Trust me when I say this; it’s a frustrating experience. 

I have been there before. And I can tell you how it feels. 

You will wish every notification on your phone is a response from a client you recently sent a proposal to on Fiverr. 

But Fiverr has become very competitive in recent times. 

And because of the competitive nature of the platform, getting jobs as a beginner is nerve-wracking. 

Hey! Don’t get this whole explanation wrong. 

I’m not here to discourage you. No!

I just want to offer a way out. 

So, instead of spending all your days searching for jobs on Fiverr that may never come, why don’t you check some of these websites similar to Fiverr? 

Every Fiverr alternative discussed in this article is user-friendly. 

And you can easily scale your freelancing gig on the platforms. 

Are you ready?

Let’s do this… 

5 Fiverr Alternatives You Should Check Out 

#1. 99designs

99designs - Is one of the 5 Fiverr Alternatives

99Designs is an excellent Fiverr alternative that gives opportunities for every designer to make money. 

It’s not like Fiverr when you have to send a proposal, reduce your price, and hope that a client will reach out. 

Even if you register for 99designs today, you can get a job worth $1000. 

You probably doubt what you read in the previous sentence. 

Well, let me reemphasize it. It’s not a typo error. 

It’s a fact. 

Anybody can start making money on 99Designs. 

All you need to do is to be exceptionally good with your design skills. 

For a start, 99designs is a niche-specific freelancing platform. 

However, it doesn’t operate like other conventional platforms where you have to send a proposal and wait for clients to contact you. 

No! That’s not how it works. 

The platform gives a level playing field for every Freelancer to compete. 

How 99Designs Work

99designs operates on a contest basis. 

Whenever clients have a project, they throw open a contest. 

So, every interested Freelancer will design whatever the client wants and submit it. 

And in the end, the client chooses the design that appeals to them most. 

The good thing about 99designs is that every contest on the platform is premium priced. 

You can earn as high as $300 from a single project. 

In 2019, I introduced my friend to freelancing. 

But he started with Fiverr. 

This guy toiled for so long on Fiverr, but he couldn’t really get a good designing gig. 

He kept on doing $10 and $5 jobs on the platform. 

Although frustrated, he was still pushing. 

So, one day, he read about 99designs on Quora. 

And he checked there, set up his profile, and was ready to operate. 

Interestingly, he saw a contest and submitted his design. 

Viola! He won the contest and earned a whopping sum of $350. 

For an experienced freelancer, this may not be a big deal. 

But for a beginner like my friend, this was something exceptional. 

And up till this moment, he’s still making money on 99designs. 

So, whenever he talks about online earning websites like Fiverr, he never fails to mention 99designs.  

#2. GURU

Guru is another best 5 fiverr alternative

If you have been struggling to get jobs as a freelancer, you should try GURU

It’s an amazing Fiverr alternative that is beginner’s friendly. 

The platform is very professional, and if you have a skill essential to business growth, you have a spot on Guru. 

In other words, every feature on this platform revolves around business needs. 

When it comes to the safety and protection of buyers and sellers, Guru tops the list. 

And you are more likely to get jobs easily on this platform if you are new to the gig economy. 

#3. Toptal

Just like Toptal is one of the 5 best fiverr alternatives

TopTal is one of the amazing freelancing platforms similar to Fiverr.

It’s a short form for “Top Talent”. 

Toptal has a simple but effective and result-yielding freelancing blueprint as a Fiverr alternative. 

For instance, the platform prides itself on having only the top 3% of freelancers in the gig economy. 

That means that clients get the highest quality jobs and pay the highest quality prices. 

One of my freelancing mentors is a finance expert on Toptal. And he makes money very well on the platform. 

The last time we had a conversation, he was making an average of $45000 per month. 

So, if your skill is great, and you think you are one of the best in your niche, you should try Toptal. 

It’s a premium platform for skilful freelancers like you. 

Just give it a try; who knows, you may just get your big breakthrough there. 

#4. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour - Fiverr Alternatives

I don’t know why people don’t talk about PeoplePerHour (PPH) that much. So it’s a unique Fiverr alternative you can explore today. 

According to several reviews online, the platform is more secure than Fiverr. And it offers a level playing field for every Freelancer to search for a job. 

Regardless of your skill level, there’s a client on PeoplePerHour who needs your services. 

Some of the premium clients using the platform confirmed that they find PPH appealing because it prioritises security, talent, and affordability. 

You may not get a premium client on this platform. But it’s a freelancing platform similar to Fiverr that you can earn from. 

#5. Freelancer 

Fiverr Alternative like Freelancer

Freelancer tops the list of Fiverr alternatives. If you are looking for a Fiverr alternative with great potential to scale your freelancing business, Freelancer is a great place to start. 

The platform is big, broad, and promising. You can meet clients from every part of the world on the platform. 

There are over 41 million freelancers across 1350 disciplines on the platform. 

If you understand the art of crafting spell-casting proposals.

You take your time to read the job description. 

And have the right attitude to work, you tend to be successful on the Freelancer platform. 


There are several freelancing platforms out there. And most of these platforms are beginner friendly. 

So, if you aren’t getting jobs on Fiverr, don’t give up. 

Take your time to explore the 5 freelancing websites like Fiverr discussed in this article. 

Every Fiverr alternative you will explore has unique features and clients. Take your time to understand them. 

See you next time… 



Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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