You are reading this article because you want to learn how to change your name on Fiverr.

Don’t worry! You are in the right place. 

Stay with me till the end; you will learn the easiest way to change your name on Fiverr without having issues with your account. 

You have created your account already. 

And after a while, you realize that you made mistakes with your name. Or perhaps, you want to use a more appealing name. 

When you reach out to a few friends who have been in the game for a while, they tell you it’s impossible. 

Now you only have one option – keep using the wrong name or open a new account. 

The last option is definitely out of it. 

We all know the hassle of growing a new account on Fiverr. 

From hustling for jobs in the job request section to trying to convince clients that you have the experience, that is not a route you are ready to take. 

So, what choice do you have next? 

You knew there had to be a way. So, you visit Google and search for “how to change your name on Fiverr.” 

Now you found yourself reading this amazing article. 


What a relief. Now that you are here follow these simple steps to change your username on Fiverr. 

How to Change Your Name on Fiverr | Method One

Step one 

The first step to change your name on Fiverr is to visit the platform. 

Once you are on the website, click on your profile picture in the top right corner. 

Different options will be available, click on settings. 

Step Two 

Upon clicking on the settings, a new page will display. This page is the account settings page. 

And there are different options available for you. 

Scroll down below the account deactivation and there is a tiny little write up “I’m leaving because…”

Click on it, different options will come up. Select “I want to change my username.”

Step Three 

After selecting “I want to change my username”, the next step is to create a new account. 

And if you want the same email address in your new account, you have to change it before closing the account. 

If you want to learn how to change your name on Fiverr, I don’t recommend this method. Especially, if your fiverr account has started ranking. 

Why I Don’t Recommend You to Change Your Name on Fiverr Using Method One 

I don’t like method one, especially if your fiverr account is already doing one. 

It involves deactivating your current account and opening a new one. Here are some of the disadvantages of using this method. 

#1.You Lose Your Old Account and Gigs 

Once you opt to change fiverr username through this method, you will lose your old accounts and gigs. 

Think about all the amazing reviews you already have. The credibility the account already has and how well these gigs were already ranking. 

It’s going to be a tough one for you. And that is why I always recommend the second method. 

#2. Active Orders in the Old Account Will Lost 

If you are new to the freelancing world and yet to get a job, you won’t understand how painful this can be. 

Imaging having $1000 worth of active orders. And you lost them all because you were trying to change your name?

That would be very painful and depressing. So, I would rather leave my name like that than losing the active orders I already have. 

#3. You Won’t Be Able to Reactivate Your Gig 

Yeah! You read that correctly. 

One of things you should know before learning how to change your name on Fiverr with method one is that you can’t reactivate your lost gigs. 

That means, all your effort and the records of your activities on fiverr would not be there again. 

It will be as good as starting all over again. Are you ready to take that chance? I don’t think so. 

#4. You May Not Be Able to Find Your Past Order 

I know a few people who change their username on Fiverr and couldn’t find their past orders. 

Although contacting customer support may help, it’s not always reliable. 

If your order history is no longer on the platform, it’s as good as starting all over again. And we both know the hassle and stress of starting afresh. 

Is changing your name or username really worth it?

How to Change Your Name on Fiverr | The Busy Earner Way

Here I want to use a relatively more reliable and less risky way to change username on fiverr. 

And I call this the Busy Earner way. It’s not as complicated and scary as the earlier one. 

If you follow my instructions CAREFULLY,  you may not have issues with your account. 

The first step is to visit the personal information page on Fiverr. The page will display your personal information you are using on fiverr. 

And that includes your full name and other relevant details. 

Remove the names you used earlier and fill in the new names you want to be using. 

Ensure that the new names you are using correspond with what is in your ID document. 

Save the changes made on the personal information page, after which Fiverr will ask you to verify your account. 

But people naturally shy away from this method because they may not have a valid ID document to back it up. 

A word of advice pleaseIf you don’t have a means of identifying the new names you are changing to, don’t use this method. Otherwise, the Fiverr account verification team may ban your account without mercy. 

Why I Don’t Encourage People to Change Fiverr Username 

Ordinarily, I won’t want to create an article on the topic – how to change your name on Fiverr. 

But I received series of emails from my audience asking the questions like;  

Can I change my username on Fiverr? 

Can you change your fiverr username?

How to change names on Fiverr?? Blah blah blah…

Even though I wrote an article on this topic, I don’t encourage people to change their names on Fiverr. And this why; 

  • You tend to lose your loyal and returning customers because they are now seeing a different name and can’t identify you. 
  • You will possibly lose your gigs along with optimised headlines, description, and valuable reviews. 
  • Setting up a new account is a massive waste of time. 

See you next time. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms. 


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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