Sometimes you get so busy that you don’t have time to check or respond to your LinkedIn inbox messages. Keeping people waiting for your response is not a good practice as a professional. A LinkedIn autoresponder will help you reply to your messages without taking time out of your busy schedule. 

Whenever you spend a few days away from your LinkedIn account, you come to meet lots of inbox messages. Sometimes it may be messages from prospects or recruiters expecting instant replies. Not being available to respond can cause you to miss out on important leads or opportunities.

But you can’t be active on LinkedIn all the time. So that’s why you need to set up a LinkedIn autoresponder. 

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Autoresponder

What’s LinkedIn Autoresponder?

The Linkedin Autoresponder is an effective auto-messaging tool. It allows you to respond to messages on LinkedIn automatically. Whenever someone sends you a direct message, they get an instant response.

With the autoresponder service, you can set up an away message. When you’re not around, the autoresponder instantly informs your contact when you’ll be available to reply or how else they can reach you.

Also, the LinkedIn autoresponder can be used as a marketing tool to improve lead generation. 

The problem here is how to create an away message on LinkedIn. Keep reading to discover why and how to set up a LinkedIn Autoresponder. 

Why You Need to Set Up a LinkedIn Autoresponder

Apart from using it to send an auto-reply to direct messages, there are other benefits of using a LinkedIn autoresponder. It can be part of your marketing and networking strategies. 

You can use it to boost your sales opportunities and generate more leads while you save time, cost, and other resources.

Below are some of the benefits of setting up an autoresponder on LinkedIn.

1. Improves your marketing campaign outreach

Sometimes you may receive a message from a cold lead. Probably it’s someone who is still doubting your product or service but only needs you to convince them to make a purchase. 

An autoresponder can initiate a conversation with the person, even when you’re not available. This can improve your conversions and expand your marketing campaign outreach.

2. Rapid connections and network growth

You can put your Linkedin connections and network growth on autopilot with little or no effort. You can use a LinkedIn autoresponder to send connection requests to prospects through personalized messages. 

3. Save you time and energy

Responding to all the messages in your inbox is a time-consuming exercise. Moreover, not all the messages will be worth your time and energy. A simple auto-reply message will let your prospects know when you’ll be available online or how they can better reach you.

How to set up a LinkedIn Autoresponder

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up LinkedIn away message (autoresponder).

1. Firstly, go to the three dots ‘…’ at the top right corner of your messaging box

2. Click on ‘Set away message’ from the options

3. Turn on the away message by switching the toggle to the right

4. Set the start and end date for your message

5. Next, you might decide to use the default message or rewrite it.

The default message read: “I’m currently away. I’ll respond to your message when I return”.

6. Lastly, click on save to confirm your auto-reply message.

Once saved, anyone who sends you a direct message will receive an auto-reply. The person will know it’s an automatic response. And they won’t think you’re online responding to messages.

Your away message will last for the period set. People will no longer receive your autoresponse after the end date. 

Also, LinkedIn autoresponder only works for direct one-on-one messages. It won’t work for group messages and in the inbox of Sales Navigator (premium users).

How to Make the Best Use of an Autoresponder on LinkedIn

The step-by-step guide above shows that it’s easy to set up a LinkedIn autoresponder. But that doesn’t mean you can make the best out of it easily. You can get it wrong if you don’t know how to implement some of its best practices. 

Below are some of LinkedIn Autoresponder’s best practices.

1. Make your away message conversational

A good auto-reply message should be conversational. It shouldn’t be so evident that your prospects are talking to a robot. Put a human face to your auto-reply messages.

2. Keep it professional

In addition to keeping your message conversational, you must also make it sound professional. The small automatic message should be a good reflection of your brand. If, for instance, you’re away from LinkedIn due to health issues, there’s no need to state your reason in the away message. It may put your potential client off.

3. Be Precise

Don’t send away your prospects with vague auto-reply messages. Be precise about when you’ll be available to respond to their messages. 

4. Provide alternative contact details

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can connect with prospects and vice versa. But you can’t always be online. That’s why it’s essential to have alternative contact details in your away message.

If your busy schedule doesn’t give you time to respond to direct messages on LinkedIn immediately. You might consider setting up a LinkedIn autoresponder. It enables you to keep tabs on prospects even when you’re away. 

And it also shows you take every message as equally important. However, the LinkedIn auto-response feature is available to premium account users only.


Rufus S. is an author and blogger who writes about freelancing and career development for the Busy Earner blog. He is an expert on platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr and shares practical tips for building a successful freelance career. Rufus is also passionate about helping busy earners manage their time and avoid burnout.

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