The Upwork affiliate program allows you to earn commission by promoting Upwork on your social media handles.

The dawn of 2022 came with many blessings and more opportunities for making money.

Freelance platforms like Upwork have experienced a continuous rise in the number of freelancers registered daily—people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs for freelancing.

With the increased number of talents on Upwork, jobs are now more competitive than ever.

As a result, new freelancers must submit over a hundred proposals before getting their first job.

The truth is, the number of freelancers is far greater than the number of clients. As a result, more freelancers are being registered daily, which means more competition and difficulty getting jobs—for new freelancers.

You might be wondering what the fate of freelancing would be like in the future and how difficult it would be to get jobs, But there is the good news.

Upwork found a way out of this situation by introducing the Upwork affiliate program, which creates more jobs for freelancers by increasing the number of clients on the platforms.

But that’s not all. You also get to make more money with the Upwork affiliate program, which is one opportunity to make more in 2022.

The Upwork affiliate program is kind of a double-edged sword.

You get to make money by bringing more clients, and more clients on Upwork equals more jobs and less competition—perhaps you won’t need to submit over a hundred proposals to get another job— but more on that later.

What is Upwork Affiliate Program All About?

Well, to keep things simple, think of the Upwork affiliate program like traditional affiliate marketing—if you are an affiliate marketer—in which you sell a company’s product or promote its services and get paid based on a commission,

The commission depends on your performance—the number of products you sell or the number of people registered through your link.

This simple explanation would do the trick for affiliate marketers or would-be affiliate marketers, and the Upwork affiliate program works exactly the same manner.

The Upwork affiliate program allows freelancers to promote Upwork—the world’s largest talent marketplace—by inviting new clients to take advantage of its talent market.

When the client registers successfully and spends on Upwork, a commission is given to the freelancer.

As an Upwork freelancer, have the opportunity of making extra money by inviting a client to Upwork and getting a commission on the first amount spent by the client.

Note that you only get a commission on the first amount spent by the client. Don’t get your hopes high by expecting a commission every time the client spends money. Don’t be disappointed.

And guess what, the commission is pretty decent. The commission becomes more decent when your client spends a huge first amount. All you need do is pray and hope your client pays a huge first amount.

How Does The Upwork Affiliate Program Work

This should be familiar if you are already an affiliate marketer, but it’s best to state clearly how Upwork works.

The Upwork affiliate program is hosted by the self-touted world’s leading partnership management plan.

Once you are an approved Upwork affiliate partner, you can promote Upwork on various social media platforms and invite clients to use it to find the best talents.

As an approved Upwork affiliate partner, you have access to various brand creatives such as images, logos, ads, and the likes; and you also get access to Upwork dedicated affiliate team.

So you can see, Upwork doesn’t just leave you alone. It gives you tools and resources to ease the affiliate journey, which is a cool thing—no wonder it boasts the best and the larger talent marketplace.

What percentage does the Upwork Affiliate Program pay for?

It’s always a good thing to know what’s in it for you. So what you stand to benefit from should be the first thing to ask before venturing into anything.

The benefit you stand to gain is a significant factor. For example, you wouldn’t do something that has no use to you directly or indirectly.

Whats in it for me?  Is always a good question

The Upwork affiliate program has lots of benefits for you and other freelancers

Other freelancers who always submit a hundred proposals to get a single job may now have to offer less, considering the increase in the number of jobs the new clients are bringing.

On your end, you get the extra cheese, which is the main focus of this section.

Upwork pays 70% of the first client’s spending.

Whatever amount the client spends on Upwork, you take home 70% of the money as commission up to $150.

This means you can’t have above $150 as commission regardless of what your client spends, but guess what: it’s still a decent deal.

$150 can pay some of your bills.

Don’t blame Upwork for not giving the 70% promised all through. Everybody wants the best for themselves.

A table would be the best way to keep the breakdown simple and stupid. So you understand what you see.

Here is the breakdown of your commission and the corresponding value in dollars—no need to punch a calculator if you hate mathematics in high school.

Client spendingCommission

Requirements for the Upwork Affiliate program

What do you need to qualify for the Upwork affiliate program?

Not much. All you need is a large social media presence and a good number of followers.

This is an affiliate program. Anything that deals with affiliate marketing needs people to patronize, and having a good number of followers is precisely what you need.

You also qualify for the Upwork affiliate program when you have many monthly visitors to your blog.

An average of 4000 followers, 22000 page views, and unique monthly visitors is more than enough. You may be approved with less amount of traffic.

How to apply for the Upwork Affiliate Program

You don’t need to stress yourself. All you have to do is navigate to and sign up.

The Upwork affiliate program can bring you huge money. Imagine you got 5 clients to Upwork; that’s an extra $750 in your bank account. Free money. No work, no stress. What a cool thing this is.

2022 brought easier ways to make money, and the Upwork affiliate program is one of such cool ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upwork affiliate program all about?

The Upwork affiliate program gives partners the chance to make easy money by bringing clients to upwork, then earn 70% as commission on the client’s first spending

How do I join the Upwork affiliate program?

Very simple. Just click here to sign-up. You can also contact for more information about the Upwork affiliate program

Who can become Upwork affiliate?

Anybody can be an upwork affiliate. Be you white, black, or brown skin. Whatever you do, there’s always a target audience for you. Just sign-up here 

Does Upwork accept international affiliates?

Of course yes. Wherever you are, Upwork definitely reserves a space for you.


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