If your writing skill is a bit above average. You think creatively. You know how to play with words. And you understand how to demystify complex topics or concepts. You should sign up on any of these sites that post freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

I know several freelance writers who used these websites to start their freelance journey. 

Interestingly, some of them have become influencers in their various niches. For example, one of them recently started his freelance writing agency. 

I still remember how he started his freelance journey (how will I ever forget).

He is a family friend who visits my house frequently. 

So one day, he saw me chatting with a client on a freelancing platform. He sat close to me and observed my conversation with the client. 

The conversation went on for over 45 minutes. And the client finally agreed to pay $650 for the job. 

Guys, Smart (my family friend sitting next to me) shouted. He didn’t believe what he had just seen. 

And I told him it’s normal, that I’m a freelance web developer and the client just paid me that money to help him build a website. 

He was silent for a while. Then he said, can you teach me to become a freelancer like you?

I answered in the affirmative. And I asked him, “Smart, do you have any skills you can sell on freelancing platforms?

After thinking for a while, he said he was a good writer during high school and believed he could do better. 

I took my time to observe him closely. And I realized that he was damn serious, and I could see the hunger in his face. 

That was when I decided to teach him how to become a successful freelance writer

Without further ado, I recommend these websites that post freelance writing jobs for beginners; 

If you are a beginner in the gig economy, you can also search for freelance writing jobs for beginners on these websites.

But remember that it starts with writing a Good proposal

Websites That Post Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners 

#1. FlexJobs

Flexjobs for Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

One of the most amazing platforms that post freelance writing jobs online for beginners. 

Guys! A lot of newbies in the freelancing business got their first major clients via this platform. 

If you are a freelancer like Smart who is still trying to understand how the freelancing world works, I think you should try Flexjobs. 

Since 2007, the platform has been providing a trusted, more efficient and reliable way to find professional remote and flexible jobs online

The website posts several freelance writing jobs for beginners every week. 

And if you understand the art of sending killer proposals, you can get your first job within a few weeks. 

But when searching for jobs on the platform, ensure that you set up the right filters. This will give you more access to more amazing freelance writing jobs. 

#2.  Contena

Contena - Freelance Writing jobs

Any newbie freelancer who is hungry to make more money and ready to put in the work should try Contena

It’s a fantastic website that posts freelance writing jobs for beginners. Interestingly, the freelance and remote jobs on Contena are not just there for you to make money. 

They can also provide life changing opportunities for a newbie freelance writer like you. 

You can get a freelancing or remote job on Contena that pays as high as $5000 per month. 

#3. Problogger Job Board 

Problogger Freelance Writer

If you want to specialize in writing engaging and spell-casting content for online publications and blogs, you should consider the Problogger job board

It’s one of the best platforms to post freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

The website is beginner friendly and you can make cool cash freelancing on Problogger job board. 

#4. ClearVoice 

I think ClearVoice is every newbie freelancer’s haven. Once you fully sign up on the website, you can pitch to clients directly. 

You also have the option to join ClearVoice’s talent pool. All you need to do is upload your CV, and the vacancy will match your expertise. 

The best of it all? Getting paid on the platform is super easy. It allows you to set your rate and receive payment on your terms. 

#5. Vollna 

Vollna is one of the most amazing websites on my list that post freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

The platform and beginner’s friendly. They are on a mission to make freelancing simple and hassle free. 

All Vollna is doing on its platform is to help them achieve their only goal of “making all new freelancing jobs accessible to everybody, including beginners. 

#6. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Morning coffee newsletter is another great website you should consider exploring. They may not really post freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

But they can notify you via email whenever there’s a juicy freelance writing job vacancy. 

The platform has been in existence since 1998. And they know a few things about freelancing. 

Whatever tips you get from them regarding applying for a job or getting your first freelance writing gig, take them seriously. 

#7. Working Nomads

I think this article won’t be complete if I fail to add working nomads as one of the websites that post freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

The platform curates the list of the most interesting and juiciest remote writing gigs. So, if you are passionate about working remotely with innovative companies that offer independ positions, try signing up on Working nomads. 

#8. Journalism Jobs 

Journalism jobs is another great platform where you can search for writing gigs. However, you will have a better chance of getting jobs on the platform if you focus on the reporting and investigative writing niche. 

If you understand the art of crafting great reports and investigative writing, you will surely make a fortune for yourself on this platform. 

#9. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing platforms out there. It’s beginner friendly and if you are consistent, you can get your first client within a few weeks of registering on the platform. 

But it’s not advisable to start freelancing on Upwork just because you see other people making money. 

No, that would be a very wrong way to start your freelancing journey on the platform. 

What I advise is to take your time to do your research and consider certain things before becoming a freelancer on Upwork. 

Upwork doesn’t only freelance writing jobs for beginners. They also post advanced level jobs in almost any skill you can think of. 

I wrote about everything you need to know about Upwork in my previous articles. You can check it out. 

Smart started freelancing on a few websites and later focused on Upwork. Today he has set up his own writing agency and is really doing well for himself. 


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.

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