How to Write a Profile Overview for WordPress Designer and Developer Using Upwork Overview Sample for WordPress.

Some weeks ago, I wrote: Best Blogging Platforms to use for your blog or website, and in my list, is the number one (you should check it out).

This shows the flexibility of WordPress to freelancers.

Still, it also depicts the upward trend of the use of the WordPress hosting platform, and so as the increase and demand for WordPress Design and Development as a skill.

WordPress design and development is a hot skill in high demand, and clients are willing to pay a decent amount for a good job.

It is one of the skills that tend to stand out because the demand is still high despite its popularity.

The law of Demand and Supply of basic economics is violated in this scenario.

One of the first things a client sees is your profile overview.

This tells the Client who you are and the services you offer, which are very important because this is the part that sells you out.

If you don’t write or have a good profile overview, you’ve practically failed an essential step to getting jobs on Upwork, which is the ultimate goal (making money)

How do you Write a Profile Overview on Upwork?

Your profile overview is one of the most important things to get right among the steps of getting more jobs on Upwork.

It’s more than just telling a client what you do, your number of working experience, your education history, etc.

Your profile overview should be captivating and convincing and go straight to the point.

Clients don’t have time to bother themselves with unnecessary details.

Just tell them what they ought to know in the first instance.

While writing a profile overview for whichever skill set you want to offer, it’s important to understand what motivates your Client.

What your Client wants

What does a client want from a freelancer?

If you ask, I would say it is giving them job satisfaction by doing a perfect job (a great job, I mean, because there is no ideal job)

Another question would be What does job satisfaction entails, or what makes a good freelancer?

Different people will have different opinions about this, but particular views will be widespread among individuals.

Let’s see what makes a good freelancer.

  • The Quality of Work: This is something you cannot compromise, and this mostly has to do with your level of expertise and the time you are willing to invest in the project. The quality of work alone can either break or make a freelancer.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Some projects can be very complicated because some clients don’t know what’s best for their business or blog. It’s now left for you as a freelancer to figure out what they want based on the little details they provide
  • Unique: Clients love it when their project stands out from the crowd, giving them a sense of fulfillment.
  • Honesty: Talent is never enough most times; character matters also; clients love freelancers who are true to their word.
  • Adherence to time: You cannot expect a client to rehire you when you keep on delivering the job beyond the scheduled date. You can make them lose their job.
  • Value of Money: Clients want to see their projects reflect the value paid. Since they pay a high amount, they certainly deserve the best.

How to Write a Profile Overview for WordPress Designer and Developer

Simplicity is key to everything, so let’s keep it simple

Hello, I’m “your name here.” I have spent the past ten years working as an expert in HTML, CSS, and WordPress development, and I can confidently say I know the in and out of front-end development using WordPress.

There are many freelance WordPress developers everywhere due to the popularity of WordPress, but I believe you want the best mind to handle your project. I think I am the best person to give you what you want because I’ve never done an unsatisfactory job for any client.

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as a software engineer from the prestigious University of “your name of University. You can skip if you don’t have”

I specialize in various modern technologies for creating web applications and website maintenance. In addition, I am an expert in WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, CSS, and SEO tactics to help increase your website visibility on search engines.

Included in my professional skill pack are:

  • JavaScript
  • UI and UX designing
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Web design
  • Use of PSD 2 HTML
  • Project Scheduling

I have a solid work ethic and believe in hard work, and most importantly, I believe in building long-term relationships that transcend outside the workspace.

I guarantee you that you will want to hire me a second time after our first contract.

Important Takeaways For Upwork Overview Sample For WordPress Developer

As you can see from the sample profile overview above, I didn’t beat around the bush.

Instead, it is straight to the point, thus avoiding many details and making the entire piece short.

This is one thing you must take note of.

Your profile shouldn’t take much time to read.

Instead, it should be easy to scan through as quickly as possible.

Include your expertise, qualifications, and years of working experience as a WordPress developer.

Most people want to hire freelancers who have done the job they are about to get hired for.

This gives clients more confidence that the said freelancers can deliver without issues. Experience is essential.

Don’t lie about any skill set you don’t have. Your Client may likely want to see your portfolio of work history.

But, again, don’t use somebody’s else works because we mentioned it is among the things that can get your account suspended from Upwork in All you Need to Know about Upwork.

One last piece of advice. Don’t copy and paste the profile overview. I know we are in the “copy and paste era,” and people have become too lazy.

In general, writers and bloggers now find it very difficult to put down anything from their heads. Instead, try to sit down for a few minutes to draft your profile overview.

Remember, this is what will sell you to your clients in the first instance.

The first impression matters most.

As always, your comments are welcomed.

Kindly keep them rolling in, and I’m always glad to hear your opinions.

Stay tuned for our next money-making piece because helping you make money is what keeps this place going.

So do well to check out our other content on Upwork by clicking here.


I specialize in building, managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing WordPress Web Design/ or Elementor Pro and WooCommerce powered websites.


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