People generally have the wrong mindset about client gifts and how often you should send them. 

One of my friends who is a start-up owner recently told me about his client who does business with him continuously. 

According to him, within the last 4 months, he has made over $35000 from the client alone. 

And he was wondering what he could do to make the client feel valued and appreciated. 

I actually advised him to consider sending the client a gift. 

My friend responded with a funny reaction  – “gift”? He gave me a grimace and said who sent gift to a client in the middle of the year.

I actually smiled because I knew most people have a wrong mentality about sending gifts to client. 

And it’s quite unfortunate that my friend was a victim of such a mindset. 

Unlike what most people may think, client gifts are not kind gesture you only send during end of year. 

The truth is, you can send gifts to your clients anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to wait until december before making your clients feel appreciated and valued. 

No matter how little a gift seem, once you send it to someone who isn’t expecting it, it creates a better bond. 

Sometimes, searching for the perfect client gifts can be a daunting task. But we have put together 9 gifts to put a bright smile in your clients’ face.

Are you ready? Let’s do this… 

Consider Any these 9 Client Gifts The Next Time You Send Gift to Your Client

#1. Personalized Gift Boxes

Personalized gift boxes are arguably one of the best client gifts you can send to your client. 

They are not just a nice gesture. They also inspire loyalty and help your brand standout from the competition. 

Sending personalized gift boxes to your clients provide unique and memorable experience to your customers. 

And this will eventually help your clients to create an emotional connection with your company and position your brand in their mind. 

When done the right way, a personalize gift box can increase your brand’s value, recognition, and perception. 

It shows new lead and your existing customers how much you appreciate them. 

One thing about personalized gift boxes is that they encourage repeat purchases

#2. Personalized Stickers 

Personalized stickers are some of the best client gifts your potential and existing clients will love. 

Sending personalized stickers to your clients help to increase brand recognition. And if you operate in a highly competitive market, sending personalized stickers can easily set you apart from the rest. 

When you gift your clients personalized stickers, they can stick it to their cars, laptops, refrigerator, and other personal effect. 

And this is an indirect marketing approach to enhance brand recognition and loyalty.

Sometimes ago, I saw a particular brand sticker on my friend’s laptop. And that brand produces computer accessories.

Ever since then, I have been buying all my computer accessories from the company. 

Now you understand how effective sending personalized stickers can be .

#3. Fun Advent Calendars

Advent calendars have been around since the 19th century. And they are among the best client gifts for pre-christmas tradition. 

Clients love advent calendars and brands around the world. These calendars from traditional chocolatey treats to a more innovative marketing tool. 

Fun advent calendars are exceptional gifts for clients because they create more awareness about your brand, build excitement, and give your clients a sense of importance. 

#4. Personalized Enamel Pins 

Enamel pins are another great client gifts to wow your potential and existing clients. It makes your brand’s logo more recognizable and give your clients a sense of appreciation. 

You have the option to customize enamel pins to different designs and shapes that your clients will love. 

It’s however advisable to customize the shape of your enamel pins to your company’s logo. That will give your clients a sense of belonging. 

You may be wondering why you should gift your clients personalized enamel pins. Well, I personally recommend this because; 

  • They are cost effective. 
  • They are fashionable and attractive. 
  • Personalized enamel pins are gift people would always want to hold on to. 
  • They also mark special occassion. 
  • And they are classic. 

#5. Desk Blossom Kits

Desk blossom kits are exceptional client gifts you should consider the next time you send gifts to your clients. 

They are unique gifts items you can imprint your company’s name and logo. And your clients can use it in their office or at home. 

Although it’s an amazing gift, it’s also an indirect way of asking your client to promote your brands. 

Whenever your clients watch these plants grow, it gives them a great feeling of appreciation. 

#6. Fruits and Nuts Gift Baskets 

You may be wondering if you can use fruits and nuts gift baskets as client gifts. Well, what do you think? It’s all about how creative you are. 

Regardless of the holiday season, you can always send gifts like dried fruits, honey sticks, chocolate-covered cookies, and several other nuts. 

You can think of any amazing fruits and nuts to add to the basket. Like I said earlier, there’s no limitiation, just put your creativity to work. 

#7. Customizable Desktop Succulents 

I think desktop succulents are one of the most underrated client gifts. Come to think of it, these plants are affordable and you can send it in a pre-planter that has your company’s logo. 

You don’t spend much on maintaining desktop succulents and ofcourse, they can live for a long time. 

Having this succulents plants in the workplace reduces stress, improve productivity, help your clients to be more focused, and more importantly, improve the aesthetic of your office. 

#8. Fancy Mugs and Tumblers 

Jeez! I almost forgot this. Generally, brands don’t like sending mugs and tumblers as client gifts. 

Well, they may have their reasons. But the truth is, if you invest in high quality and classic mugs and tumblers and customize them with your logos before sending to your client, it will create a great impression about your client. 

Everybody appreciates fancy mugs and tumblers. Your clients can use them in their offices and at home. 

And it’s an indirect way of making your clients ambassadors or better put evangelists of your brand. 

#9. Donate to Charity in Your Clients’ Name

If your company operates on the pareto principle, that is about 80% of your income is coming from 20% of your customer, you should consider this option. 

You can make these 20% of your clients that are giving you most of your gig feel special. 


It’s easy. Just donate to a charitable cause in their name. Making charitable donation in your clients’ name is one of the most creative ways to say “thank you”.

It’s a general believe that charitable donation leave a positive and tangible impact on the world. 

And if you donate in your client’s name to a charitable cause or organization that means a lot to them, they will feel so special. 

Of course, it will create an instant bond between your brand and your client. 


Rufus S. is an author and blogger who writes about freelancing and career development for the Busy Earner blog. He is an expert on platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr and shares practical tips for building a successful freelance career. Rufus is also passionate about helping busy earners manage their time and avoid burnout.

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