One of the most popular questions you’ll get from new freelancers is ‘’is Upwork legit?’’ This is a valid concern, considering that so many fake remote job sites are springing up these days.

Different people have had different experiences with Upwork.

Some have had wonderful experiences, while others have had horrible experiences.

What is Upwork

Before answering whether Upwork is legit or a scam, we must understand what Upwork is. Upwork is a site for remote work.

It is a site where clients can come to look for freelancers with the skillset they need.

Freelancers, in turn, can use Upwork to position themselves for clients that may need their services.

Most of the work done on Upwork is remote work.

This means that most times, freelancers only meet those they work for online. In addition, the transactions on Upwork are virtual.

Is Upwork Legit and Safe?

Now that we have established that Upwork is a site that serves as a marketplace for both freelancers and clients, you may be wondering ‘’Is Upwork a legit site?’’

While the individual experiences on Upwork may differ, the truth remains that Upwork is a legit site.

Many have been able to eke out a living and pay their bills through persistent use of Upwork.

Also, many have found freelancers that deliver top-quality products and services.

However, just like most things in life, your experience on Upwork mostly depends on you. To avoid being a victim of scammers on Upwork is entirely up to you.

Victims of Scammers on Upwork

As mentioned earlier, some Upwork users have been scammed.

This begs the question, ‘’ who are those being scammed on Upwork?’’ The simple answer to this question is ‘’newbies.’’

Most newbie freelancers on Upwork can not wait to land their first gig. Instead, in pursuing new clients, they throw caution to the wind and ignore all the warning signs.

Sometimes, ‘clients’ target newbie freelancers that are desperate for work.

These newbie freelancers find that the ‘client’ is nowhere to be found after submitting their work.

Hence, they are left unpaid for their labor.

Upwork scams are not peculiar to newbie freelancers.

Newbie clients can also find themselves in a fix.

Sometimes newbie clients hire a freelancer and agree to pay them using hourly rates.

These freelancers cunningly stop working after working for some time.

They disappear without completing the client’s work.

How to Know If Upwork Job is Legit and Avoid Scams

Having known that Upwork is not a scam, the million dollar question remains, ‘’how do I avoid scammers?’’ This is where this part of the article comes in. We’ll look at some tips on how to spot scammers on Upwork and deftly avoid them.

Take Your Time.

“The patient dog eats the fattest bone. “ While trying to navigate your way on Upwork as a newbie, this is one saying you should not lose sight of.

Most newbies jump right into their jobs after getting hired.

They do not bother to vet their clients at all.

This is not the wisest way to go.

Before working for any client, you must verify the client’s payment method.

Do not hesitate to flee if you notice anything fishy about a client.

Scrutinize your Client

Yes, you saw that right. Just as your client has the right to scrutinize you and decide if you’re qualified for a particular job, you also have the right to scrutinize your client before deciding if you want to work for them.

Go through your client’s profile carefully.

Please take note of their policy, work hours, budget, and preferred payment methods. If anything about your client seems shady, you might want to keep your distance.

Check Client’s Ratings and Reviews

This is one of the trusted ways to find out if your client is a scammer or not. A legit client is likely to have good reviews and ratings. If you see a client with bad reviews and ratings, do not ignore the handwriting on the wall.

Say No to Free Samples

You do not want to work for any client that proposes you send a free sample.

These clients often demand free samples under the guise of testing your skills.

However, they only try to make you work for them for free. Every seasoned Upwork user knows this is the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, some newbie freelancers still fall for it. This particular tactic used by scammers is against Upwork policy.

Report Scammers

If you see a job post that could be a scam, do not hesitate to report it. By reporting such job posts, you protect fellow freelancers from being victims of scams. In addition, you deter other scammers from putting up similar job posts.

How to Avoid Scammers on Upwork as a Client

We have gone through most of the ways a freelancer can be scammed on Upwork and how to avoid these scams.

It is time to explore how clients may avoid scams on Upwork.

Be Wary of Plagiarized Work

It is not uncommon for freelancers on Upwork to submit plagiarized work.

From articles to logos and web designs, there is almost no limit to the things freelancers can plagiarize. As a client, you should be careful not to pay for plagiarized work.

You can use plagiarism checkers to test articles. For example, you might find Google reverse image or similar tools helpful for designs and logos.

Be Wary of Hackers

A client could fall into the hands of hackers while trying to hire someone to work on his website.

To avoid this, ensure that you change the password to your website after the work is done.

Also, change your password immediately if you notice any funny activities on the website before the job is done.

For example, you can use tools like LastPass to grant the freelancer access to your website without disclosing your password.

When the freelancer completes the task, you can deny access immediately.

Be Wary of Fake Impersonation

It is pretty common for a freelancer to use a fake identity. This is something you should be on the lookout for a while hiring freelancers on Upwork.

For example, some freelancers might try to steal the identity of another known to be good at the job.

One of the ways you can avoid this is to select a preferred location where the freelancer must reside to be eligible for hire.

You could also try to ask for documents that can aid in identity verification.

Is Upwork Legit or Scam?

After all, that’s been said so far; you should have been able to conclude. Upwork is 100 % legit.

It is the activity of some miscreants that tries to taint the site’s reputation.

However, with vigilance and patience, you can have a fantastic experience on Upwork.

Don’t spend any more time fretting. Open that Upwork account today.


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