If your LinkedIn company page is still underutilized and you’re not getting the desired results, these seven practices will help you grow your LinkedIn Company Page Optimization.

With over 50 million companies and more than 700 million users, LinkedIn remains the biggest networking platform for professionals. Many users, including job seekers and potential clients, check LinkedIn company pages to learn about brands. 

LinkedIn Company page is where you showcase your brand. It is where you inform users about what you do, how they can work with you, and why you’re the best choice. 

You’re missing a great deal if your LinkedIn company page is not optimized. Without optimization, it’s like you’re wasting all your time, resources, and marketing efforts. You’ll miss the opportunity to gain new followers, connections, and prospects.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best LinkedIn Company page optimization practices that will help you generate more leads. 

1. Use a High-quality Profile Image and Banner

Your company’s profile picture is the first thing people will see when they search for your company on LinkedIn. And you need to make an excellent first impression. Statistics show that Company Pages with quality profile pictures get more traffic than those without one.

Making your company page attractive is one of the simplest ways to attract new leads to your brand. Use a high-quality LinkedIn profile image and banner. 

Quality images will showcase your brand and help you appear professional. They’ll serve as means to highlight your brand mission and vision creatively. 

Choosing what to use as your company profile image shouldn’t be a problem. You can use your company logo and resize it to fit into LinkedIn profile requirements. 

The space for the profile banner is just above the profile image. It offers a bit more room for creativity. And there are no hard-and-fast rules for designing your profile banner. You only have to ensure it meets the sizing requirements. 

2. Write a Compelling ‘About Us’ Section Using Relevant Keywords

The About Us section of your LinkedIn company page is where you tell visitors all they need to know about your company. Compose a well-optimized message using simple text informed by keyword research to tell your business story.

Ensure to include information about who you are, what you offer, your location, and how people can contact you. Use the ‘About Us” section to tell people about your product or service. 

Although, there’s no perfect way to write a well-optimized About Us section. But you must ensure it talks about your overall brand voice and vision.

3. Create and Share Valuable Content Regularly

Posting content such as articles, images, and videos regularly on your company page will give you more visibility. It’ll make your company page appear more in front of potential leads.

You shouldn’t limit your company page to only posting company news and offers. Engage your target audience with optimized content to foster a sense of community. Let them feel more involved in your brand conversation.

And whenever you post something, ensure to give room for feedback. Let your audience share their thoughts and comments. You’ll be surprised at the level of engagement your company page will receive.

People love it when they feel they are part of something. Allowing them to share their thoughts will make them feel they are part of your brand mission and not just a paying customer.

In addition, you can sponsor a post on your company page. This will make your content reach your followers and those who don’t follow you. The goal of sponsored content on your LinkedIn company page is to increase your following. 

And if any of your content is doing well, sponsoring it will make you get more engagement.

4. Leverage LinkedIn Features to Increase Engagement

Another way to optimize your company page is to leverage new LinkedIn features. This will help to make your page more engaging, dynamic, and visually stimulating. 

LinkedIn Live is one of the new LinkedIn features. It can use be used to share live-streamed videos. And it’ll generate more engagement than in-feed videos.

Also, you can use LinkedIn Live to host virtual interactive events. Such an event helps you build your LinkedIn community and encourages engagement from your followers and non-followers.

Another feature you can leverage is LinkedIn Stories. This feature provides a more casual way to interact with your connections. Each story can only last 24 hours, and they serve as a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

And you can as well create polls to sample people’s opinions and learn more about them.

5. Engage in Group Discussions to Build Authority

Joining LinkedIn Groups is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people in your industry. It serves as a source for growing your company page organically.

Identify and join groups related to your industry. Then try to participate in the discussions. Provide insight, share your experience, and offer valuable advice. This will make people trust your brand and see you as an authority in the industry.

When you share valuable content with the group members, there’s a high possibility that they’ll check your company page and eventually start following you.

6. Keep Track of LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn, like other social media, regularly adjust its algorithms. This is to ensure people deliver more-engaging content on the platform. And you must make sure you keep track of any changes in the LinkedIn algorithm.  

Keeping up-to-date will help you avoid missing out on any opportunity for a little boost. Make sure you’re on par with the latest development and the new secret recipe for success.

7. Check Your Analytics Regularly

After creating your company page and you start posting content, you must monitor your page’s performance.  Check Analytics to find out about your target audience and competitors. 

Compare your metrics with your competitors to see how your content is doing. If the numbers are not doing well, you might want to re-evaluate and look into your strategies.

If you’re using LinkedIn to recruit job seekers or attract prospects, these seven practices will make your company page stand out.

You can now optimize your LinkedIn company page, attract talented job seekers, and generate more leads. 


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