As a freelancer, you need to leverage all of the pathways to find remote jobs, and LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for this.

There is no cost to entry; it takes a little effort and a few seconds to find each opportunity.

When you wish to work remotely and get opportunities to work on LinkedIn, you can always search for remote-based or “Work from Home” jobs on LinkedIn that suit your skills and qualifications. 

Currently, there are so many jobs posted on LinkedIn every day that you must be able to find proper job postings that fit your expectations and requirements.

Here are the top 3 ways I find remote work on LinkedIn:

1. Search – Type in “Position you want, and we’re hiring and remote,” then sort by posts if you want to see the thousands of opportunities. If you’re going to drill down to a specific location, select All Filters > + Add a Location, then you will get a list of all of the People you can connect with who are hiring for this position.

2. Jobs – This is obvious, but the advantage comes in the next step. Type in the position you want, the location, and the Remote checkbox, and you’re set. Start applying, but here’s the rub.

3. Organic – This one is the best, and it’s how to bring employers to you. Read through about ten job posts, and add the specific keywords and phrases hiring managers use in their job postings to your profile’s about section. When you speak like the hiring manager, the jobs come to you.

Does Linkedin Allow Remote Work?

Sometimes, it can be daunting to know if one can secure remote work via LinkedIn. My passion is to help you navigate your way through the various methods of securing your dream job on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, headed by CEO Ryan Roslansky, the platform will allow “employees to work remotely permanently.” While most Silicon Valley tech companies adopt a post-Covid hybrid work approach, LinkedIn is one of few to tell its employees they can work remotely permanently.

It is soothing to know that being in the office 50% of the time has been removed, while the company expects more employees to be remote than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

This shows that LinkedIn has a social media platform for professionals in their various fields have given the urge and chances for remote workers to have their way if need be.

Getting Remote Jobs

You must have wondered how you can successfully secure a remote job here on LinkedIn without stress.

In this challenging and competitive job market, you may always find it challenging to secure the right remote job in your specific niche.

Some companies might even require you to do some legwork before settling down for truth and actual remote jobs.

You are already in the right place as I will dish out the process and steps I have used to secure remote jobs on LinkedIn.

Below are the steps to take note of when you are attempting to get a remote job via LinkedIn:

 – Use LinkedIn’s remote tag search filter to find remote positions in your field.

– Run searches with tags like “work from home” to find positions not explicitly tagged as remote jobs.

– Use LinkedIn Groups to find remote jobs and professional connections.

– Update your resume.

– Update your LinkedIn profile.

– Apply to jobs directly through LinkedIn using references.

– Network on LinkedIn with professionals in your desired jobs or companies.

– Connect with companies that list remote jobs on other platforms

– List yourself as available for remote work and use recruiters.

Tips to start a remote job on LinkedIn

With the spirit of staying productive, creative, and invigorated, your new lifestyle or having a remote job via LinkedIn can be demanding on you.

There are tips, tricks, and techniques I’m going to reveal for you to have a successful remote job and keep it till you want.

Check them out:

1. Communication

One of the greatest assets or Arsenal you should possess when it comes to the remote job is to have professional solid communication skills. It will always come in handy for your navigation and lead to your success roadmap.

Ensure that you state clearly the progress you’ve made in the past week, which goals you’ve achieved, and which projects you’ve led. 

It can be difficult for your employer to keep a tab of your work at the top of your mind. 

Hence, don’t hesitate to bring important milestones up on your own and inform the necessary team members.

2. Invest in reliable tech to find remote jobs on LinkedIn

Many remote workers will always inform you that access to consistent WiFi is holy to their success.

However, more than this regarding internet connection as a remote worker. 

It would be best to research the tools and tech you will have to buy to make your work easier.

Losing an internet connection during video calls can be frustrating, and I am sure you won’t want to experience such a situation as it doesn’t portray you well in the face of your employer.

You can also invest in noise-canceling headphones, wireless keyboards, mouses, and a second screen, among other salient gadgets, to up their efficiency.

3. Become a part of your community

Some notions among people who are unaware of how a remote worker works think remote workers are lonely, prosaic, and mundane.

No! I can tell you categorically that you can connect to a remote community. It can be either virtually or in a co-working space.

This kind of situation will inspire you and make you stay focused on your remote job. 

The flexibility and openness that comes with it will make you want to do more and become more in your chosen career.

4. Know your working style

I have figured out that knowing your working style as a remote worker is pertinent.

When you have a remote job on LinkedIn, know your ambiance. Do you like working where people are, and there is a bit of noise? Well, a café can be your best bet to be. 

If otherwise, you can buy noise-canceling headphones to the rescue.

One of the beauties of working remotely is to know if you are convenient working in the morning or evening. For example, suppose you do take a short or long break.

The ball is in your court to do as you wish inasmuch it doesn’t harm your job.

5. Embrace the perks of working remotely

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in the same region or country as the company you work for.

Your talent is incredible, and enjoy it. If you are a freelancer, I know you will enjoy its perks the most.

Working remotely will make your lifestyle different and worthy. A flexible work style leads to successful output for a company.

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