A home office layout can be very challenging to put together.

You might feel like a fish out of the water if you’re not used to working from home, but some tips can help you create a great home office so you can be productive and get work done.

Having a good home office layout can help you work more effectively.

You can’t be successful as a remote worker if you don’t have the right tools. Having the right home office layout is just as important if you’re working from home.

You need to be able to focus and work effectively without feeling distracted.

And if you’re going to enjoy your job, your home office layout must allow you to do so.

Your needs will change over time – as will your relationships with others (whether they’re coworkers or family members).

So while this guide provides some general principles for creating an adequate workspace, remember that it’s only a starting point for finding what works best for you!

Avoid work in the bedroom

Avoid working in the bedroom for the same reasons you shouldn’t work at home: it’s distracting. You’ll be tempted to take a break, wash your hands, or check your email.

And if you’re sleeping there every night, it will become less of a place to relax and unwind from work and more of an office where you can’t sleep anymore.

If you insist on working from bed, try putting up some curtains or blinds so that it feels more like a separate room (though not entirely separate—you’ll still have access to power outlets).

And if possible, don’t keep any electronics around unless necessary: no TV or computer screen nearby so that when you need some downtime, all you have is quiet darkness.

Think about storage

Storage should be easy to access. If you’re working from home, it’s important to have a place where you can easily reach items stored away from your desk.

This includes everything from paper supplies, to electronics and other office equipment.

Also, your storage area should be easy to clean.

You don’t want to spend time cleaning out your workspace before diving into work, so make sure that all surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning.

Storage should be easy to move around, if necessary.

The best office layouts include plenty of storage for moving items around when you have a project.

This lets you keep the area organized no matter what happens in your home office space at any given time.

Storage should be easy to fix if it breaks. If something violates your home office space, it’s essential that it can be fixed without hassle or expense (or both).

Make sure there is ample storage space nearby so that fixing something doesn’t require moving anything else around or leaving the room entirely.

Create a multi-purpose room or space

A home office is a place of work, but it can also be an area you use for various activities.

If you have the space and budget, it’s best to create one large multi-purpose room where you can work and relax.

You should not use the same room for other things like eating or sleeping because this will make your work more difficult as there will be constant reminders about the different activities in your office space.

You should also avoid using this room for watching TV, playing games, or other non-work related activities.

Designate a space within your home that is solely for work

This can be as simple as creating a dedicated living room corner with a desk, laptop, and chair. If you’re lucky enough to have an office or spare room in your home, consider turning that into your work zone.

Avoid working in the bedroom—many find this creates unnecessary distractions from their sleep schedule and personal life. And if you decide to set up shop there, make sure it has good light!

Also, think about storage: Where will all those binders go once they’ve left the office? Is there enough room for bookshelves (or Ikea shelves)? What about filing cabinets? How many pens does one person need??

The goal is to create a multi-purpose room or space where you can write reports while enjoying some natural daylight during daylight hours without sacrificing privacy.

Create a great home office so you can be productive.

The home office is where you set up camp and make your remote work happen.

It’s a space that allows you to be productive, but it also should be a space that helps you feel comfortable doing so.

It can be easy to get distracted in your home office—especially if it’s not organized or well-designed.

That’s why it’s important to create an environment that promotes productivity: one where there are no unnecessary distractions and everything is at arm’s reach when needed.

Here are some tips for creating this kind of space:

  • Make sure everything is visible and accessible without having to move around much (that means keeping things off the floor). This will keep things clean and tidy, which will help with focus on tasks instead of getting distracted by messes or too many items lying around.
  • Keep everything in its correct place so they’re always ready when required (and don’t forget about labeling).
  • Create an ergonomic setup with plenty of lighting, good surfaces on which things can rest comfortably during use/storage, etc., depending on what equipment needs attention most often during remote work sessions (keyboards/mice vs monitors vs speakers).


Finding a suitable home office layout can be challenging if you’re a remote worker. Finding the right spot for your business takes some time, but it’s worth the effort!

Creating a productive and comfortable environment will help you focus on your work when you sit at your desk each day. Plus, it will make those long hours faster than ever!


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