People used to think of writing as something you do only as a hobby. They never really believe that writing is a skill that can be commercialized. 

Looking at the different gigs under the writing niche, you’d agree that it’s possible to make a ton of money taking writing jobs. But the challenge is that most people don’t know how to go about it. 

Besides making money online doing writing jobs, it also allows you to choose where, when, and whom you want to work with.

If writing to get paid online is something you’re considering going into. You’re at the right place. Let me show you how you can make money as a writer. The following are some of the ways to get paid online writing jobs.

1. Start a Blog

One of the things you must do, if you want to make money as a writer, is to start a blog. It is a perfect way to practice and showcase your writing skills. And it can serve as your portfolio and help you earn money by attracting clients to you. 

A blog gives you confidence as a writer. It helps you build your credibility in the writing niche. Also, it is perfect for anyone looking to start a business online. Depending on your area of interest, you can write on various topics. It could be a coaching blog, a how-to-do blog, or a blog where you give tips on different health issues.

It’s no longer difficult or expensive to start a blog these days. With as little as $10, you can get someone to create a website for you. All you have to do is write engaging content and post it online. The more engaging your content, the more traffic you attract. 

The amount of money you can make starting a blog depends on the number of traffics (visitors) you generate. Though, a blog might not start paying off immediately after you start. But with consistency and hard work, it’ll pay off eventually. 

2. Freelance Writing

Besides having your own blog, you can also get paid online writing jobs as a freelancer. You can write articles for blogs, journals, and magazines. A lot of companies create websites to bring their businesses online. Most of them need written content to promote their brand. 

As a freelancer, you can be hired for writing content for businesses. If you’re worried about getting people who might need your writing service. Then, you do have to worry. There are many freelancing platforms where you can readily connect with clients. Some of these include Upwork, Fiverr, and

Also, magazines and journals may seem to fade away with the advent of blogs and social media. But they remain hungry for quality content writing. Many magazines and journals are looking for writers to provide good content at attractive prices.

Freelance writing for blogs and publications is a smart way to make money online as a writer. 

3. Creating Valuable Content for Content-Hungry Businesses

Content marketing has dominated the online space in recent times. Businesses now compete by promoting their online presence rigorously. They need valuable content to attract customers and, build trust and brand credibility. They need it to remain relevant and competitive. 

All these have created a good market for writers. Good writing skills are in high demand. These businesses need articles, publications, newsletters, case studies, product descriptions, etc. to promote their brand. And the interesting thing is that they are willing to pay for them handsomely.

Although it might be initially difficult to break into the market. I repeat again, with consistency and hard work, nothing is impossible.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is the act of creating a copy (a written message) for the sole purpose of promoting a business’ brand. It involves writings designed to make the targeted audience take specific actions. Examples of copywriting include sales letters, video scripts, product descriptions, etc.

We come across the works of copywriters in our day-to-day activities. An ad with words on it, telling you to do something is a copy. A social media post from a brand is a copy. An email from a brand is a copy. Copywriting can take different forms, but they all serve the same purpose – the intent to drive action.

Companies with an online presence need copywriters to promote their brands. They need people that can write conversion-focused copy for their businesses. You can make lots of money if you decide to be a copywriter. 

Though copywriting seems a little different from other forms of writing. All you need is to develop yourself. Learn the skills required of a copywriter. You can take some online courses on copywriting. And you won’t regret that you ever did. 

Copywriting is arguably the best-paying online writing job. It’s worth all the time and investment.

5. Affiliate Writing

I call it Affiliate Writing because it involves writing to promote third-party products. In affiliate marketing, you promote and sell a product to get a commission. Now, imagine creating a blog where you write to promote different products and get a percentage on all products sold. You’ll definitely be making good fortune at the end of the month.

The truth is, its tough building your own writing blog. But it’s easier to promote products from trusted brands with existing large and passionate audiences. Affiliate writing is a much easier and smarter way to make money from a blog than writing to create your own product.

Now, take a moment and ask yourself:  “Which of these five online writing jobs feels like an exact fit?”

Then, decide on which path to follow. 

Regardless of what your choice is, just know that you can make money online with your writing skills. You may only need to learn one or two things to stand out and be competitive.

Good luck to you on your writing career. See you on the other side, as you keep smiling to the bank with paid online writing jobs.


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