One of the nightmares of many freelancers on Upwork is to get a pragmatic solution to the constant worry of “How to earn big projects on Upwork.”

I have once been in this shoe, and I know how it feels and what it takes to earn big in such a position.

Since you are here to get a solution to this potent question, “How to earn big projects on Upwork?” 

I shall show you how to get well-paying projects and make your clients come back for more.

Are you doing a lot of small projects and want more consistency? 

Here are 3 tips I use to find larger projects and scale smaller projects for increased lifetime value.

1. When you are coming to the end of each project

Present 3 following steps to your client, each of the next steps varies in price, a small, medium, and large project. 

I scaled Wallet Ninja from a $250 Logo Design to over five years of projects and a #1 product on Amazon using this process.

2. Request referrals and add a commission to the offer. 

If your client doesn’t need anything more now, they may have a colleague that does. 

By adding a commission, you’re giving your client a source of passive income. 

Some of my clients have paid for their projects through commissions.

3. Connect with people that would require your services on an ongoing basis. 

Graphic Designers can increase their income by offering Development services (and vice-versa) and sub-contract those services. 

Break a large project into individual skills, and you will see where you fit and who you can partner with, to produce large projects.

If you are looking to grow your Upwork freelancing career and make enough money from it, there are many other tips, tricks, and techniques you will need to master to be successful or reach your dream goals.

How to Get More Jobs on Upwork

1. Deliver Excellent Job

I have often seen many Upworkers delivering below standard work for their clients, expecting more results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. 

When a client gives you a project to do, always ensure that you offer your best.

If you have questions to ask in a nebulous area, do ensure you communicate with your client to clarify it for the best result.

Upwork always rewards excellent work done by freelancers. I’m cocksure of that benefits. 

But you will have to work for it to earn it.

The higher the quality of work you do for your clients, the more jobs you’ll get in the future.

There will be clients who will want to come back for your service as you deliver excellent work.

You won’t even need to worry about job listings, as you will see notifications from clients who will not hesitate to interview you and get the best from you as expected.

From there, you can raise your rates and earn big from projects.

2. Submit proposals and be active 

One of the primary goals of a freelancer is to earn from clients.

On Upwork, you need to be active by submitting proposals on job postings that align with your skillset.

You need to be constantly reviewing new project opportunities on Upwork. 

Use your Connects to submit a proposal to your prospective clients.

I have seen many freelancers making the mistakes of not being active on Upwork and expecting the search results to favor them. 

It doesn’t work that way.

Submit proposals and be active on Upwork

You will surely see the positive results.

3. Improve your Upwork profile

Your Upwork profile is your selling point and your first port of call for success on Upwork.

Your potential clients should be clear on your skills and expertise before they can contact you, let alone hire you.

How to get more jobs on Upwork, your profile needs to exude conviction and reiterate your ability to do a task successfully. 

It would be best if you advertised yourself, well.

From my experience on Upwork, you need to have a fully complete profile for you to earn badges, such as Top Rated or Rising Talent.

Your profile must be 100% complete and detailed and describe your services well enough to convince your potential clients of what you can do and what you have done in the past.

4. Provide value for your client

Every client intends to hire you because they are convinced you can do the job for them.

However, if you don’t provide the much-needed value, they won’t come for your service next time.

As a freelancer, you must focus on your client’s projects and proffer solutions. 

That’s why you were initially getting hired to do it.

Give your client the reasons and value to get hired for a project by possessing a solid Upwork profile, proposal, and good communication line.

5. Build solid relationships with clients

When you are saddled with carrying out a project, please don’t see it as a one-and-done deal. 

But as an opportunity for you to build a long-term relationship with your client.

Do more of your work and refer them to additional services that will give them value for their businesses.

Provide funnel marketing to aid their project with a series of processes or steps that will endear them to you the more.

Another benefit of creating a relationship with your clients is that they can help you find more opportunities. 

Once you complete a project, you can ask for a testimonial or referral to other businesses that could use your services.

Also, remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and you shouldn’t expect overnight success without putting in the effort, discipline, dedication, and consistency.

So start today and now for you to earn big projects on Upwork.

What are some ways that you increase your project size? Comment below!


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