If you are one of those broke guys (not broke) wondering how you can start a blog without spending money, then this: how to start a blog without money is for you

Blogging! It’s the most common word thrown out of people’s mouths. 

Suddenly, there is an unusual interest in a sit-at-home type of Job, and blogging is no exception. 

While everybody can be a blogger, not everyone can afford to pay the expenses incurred during blogging. 

The cost of blogging might be a piece of cake to you, but the cliché goes: the human fingers are never equal. 

Some are born with what people will describe as a golden spoon, while others find it challenging to eat a three-squared meal a day. 

Life has no balance at all! And that’s what makes it life. While others are struggling, some are living life to the fullest. 

What is this blogging of a thing all about? 

To keep things simple, think of blogging as a form of writing, photography, or other self-published media on the web. 

It’s just the olden days’ style of writing diaries, except this time, it is published online. 

In recent years, it has become a fantastic business, helping people express themselves while simultaneously making money. 

If you are one of those broke guys (not broke) wondering how you can start a blog without spending money, then this: how to start a blog without money is for you

You’ve come to the right place, and you’ve stumbled across the right piece of information. 

How do I create a blog without money? Can you start a blog as a broke nigga?

Another cliché says: that we use the money to find money, which might be why the rich get more prosperous, and the poor get poorer. 

The rich have more money to spend to get more money, and the poor have little money to spend and, in turn, earn less money. 

Or maybe you think there is a way out, a way out of this dilemma of having to spend money to get more money. 

Well, the good news is: that there’s a way out, and it’s one I think you should consider if you are broke(being broke is temporal, but poor is forever). 

Since you have no money to spend on buying a custom domain and doing the other things that will take money out of your pocket, the money you don’t have, how can you avoid the unnecessary cost of demotivating you? 

How can you start a blog for free without paying a dime?

As you must have anticipated, I am here to guide you through this process, the process of starting a blog without ever paying a dime.

Let’s kick-start the easy steps of how to start a blog without money. 

To make things easy and to keep things easy, I will demonstrate how to set up that blog of yours on my favorite platform, which is WordPress. 

We are going to be using its free version. Don’t forget you have no money in your pocket. 

You should consider that anything offered free will have limitations and drawbacks. 

Don’t worry; we will explore them later so that you don’t get demotivated.

Step 1: Go to WordPress 

Since you’ve chosen not to pay a dime for blogging, navigate your way to the WordPress.com homepage and choose the “start a blog option “at the bottom of the page. 

You might want to ask: 

Why WordPress? 

Why choose WordPress? 

Experience is a good teacher but evaluated experience is the best teacher. 

Years of blogging and research made me realize how the free version of WordPress is as powerful as the paid version. 

WordPress has been my platform of choice when it comes to blogging and how to make money blogging, and since it has its free version, I will recommend it. 

So I don’t think you should blame me for recommending what has worked for me and others over the years, and this answers the question of: how is a blog created. 

Let’s continue, so I don’t divert your attention with too much detail, details you need anyway. 

Step 2: Get creative by Choosing a Theme 

You should consider choosing a theme that will allow your content to stand out on the page. 

The cool thing about WordPress is that there are a variety of themes you can choose from, so don’t get confused. 

Just choose one, and you will be fine. Besides, if you decide not to like it along the line, go ahead to implement the change. 

Step 3: Choose Your Domain Name 

Choosing a domain name is a core step to blog creation and a critical factor in the success of a blog. 

Most people use their names or pet names, but it doesn’t matter what type of name you use.

You must ensure the following when choosing a domain name:

Make sure you choose a domain name that is short and simple to remember. 

You don’t want potential readers to spend time racking their brains trying to remember your URL. 

The shorter, the better. 

15 characters would do the trick 

Avoid domain names with hyphens, as this mainly depicts spam 

since you’ve decided to use the free version to avoid paying a dime, your URL will appear In this form 

HTTP://blogname.wrodpress.com when finished.

To remove the .wordpres.com and make it HTTP://blogname.com, you can purchase a domain name and host in the future, but since you don’t have money right now, the focus should be on how to start a blog with no money.

Remember that this WordPress type of free account is not easily found on search engines.

Step 4: Select the Free Plan 

There are three types of plans to choose from

  • Free plan 
  • Premium plan: which is, of course, a paid version 
  • Business plan 

You should aim at the free plan now since this is about starting a blog without money. 

If at any point in time you want to upgrade to the premium plan, you are always free to do so but let’s stick to the free plan for now as this would serve what you need. 

Step 5: Create an Account 

Surprisingly, we’ve come this far on how to start a blog without money, and we still haven’t created our account. 

Well, this is the beauty of WordPress. 

It doesn’t just bore you with the issue of creating an account at first. 

Instead, you get to navigate some of its features before creating the account.

After choosing a plan, the following screen would ask you for email addresses, usernames, and a password to set up your account. 

You can use any email of your choice, but make sure you have access to the email given. 

Or, if you want, you can create a new email for this purpose. You don’t need money to create an email after all. 

Haven gave the above information, and you will be redirected to your new home site on WordPress. 

Step 6: Customize your Blog 

You can choose to get creative by playing with things on the new home screen. By choosing the WordPress icon in the upper left-hand corner on the home screen, you can do the following:

  • Add plugins
  • Alter domain name
  • Change the theme you were not comfortable with at first 
  •  Configuration of sharing settings 

Step 7: Publish your Content 

You’ve come this far! It’s time to get that well-written content to your readers, which is the essence of this whole thing but remember, you still haven’t paid a dime. 

And I intend to keep it that way. 

This is how to start a blog without spending money. 

Quickly locate the sidebar on the homepage, navigate to the publish section and choose “add a new post.” 

This will take you to another screen where you can enter and edit your written text to publish on your new site. Select or copy your written content, then drop it by pasting. 

Now that you know how to start a blog for free, the next big question would be: How much can I rake in as a blogger on a monthly basis? 

How much money can you get from starting a blog, a blog you started free of charge. 

It will surprise you to know that some bloggers earn six figures. 

You heard me. 

It’s not a Joke. 

Some professional bloggers make six figures a month. 

Mind you, I used the word “professional” to address such bloggers because it takes a lot of effort, discipline, and persistence to earn such money. 

For a newcomer like you who doesn’t want to spend money, it will be of great help if you focus on building your audience and increasing your traffic. 

You don’t even have a domain name yet; your domain name is still something like this: http://blogname.wordpress.com.

Your focus should be on how to upgrade to a paid plan to get http://blogname.com to get traffic on search engines.

If you are still curious about how much you can earn as a blogger being a newbie, I can tell you it’s not much.

For example, your take-home is a little between $10-$20 per month. 

Like I said, your monthly take-home shouldn’t be of interest to you right now. 

These things take time. 

You can’t earn six figures or even a decent income overnight. 

So you got to put in some work. 

I believe you can now start publishing content on your blog free of charge, but it will still interest you to know the drawbacks of this blog, the free blogging methods, or the free types of blogs. 

Don’t get me wrong. 

They are the perfect choice for beginners like you. 

Besides, you don’t even know if you will succeed at blogging. It may be that blogging isn’t for you. Not everybody will make it through blogging, as sad as it might sound, but that’s life. What works for you might not work for someone else. 

Let me quickly explain why you may decide to spend money on your blog in the future, which is what to do if you want to get serious about this stuff. 

Blogging is for you, and you begin to get traffic. 

Your business begins to expand, and you begin to have a decent amount of presence on the web. 

You will realize that the free version you struggled to get (you didn’t work to get it anyway) no longer fulfills your requirements. 

This will come naturally, and your instincts will tell you that a change is needed. 

The paid version is where you should go, and this should be a thing of joy because it clearly shows you are not stagnant. 

You are growing, and growth is a huge part of succeeding as a blogger. 

WordPress.org is where bloggers go at this point, and it’s likely the place you may go. 

What’s so different about WordPress.org? 

WordPress.org is a powerful self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over your blog, making it the choice for more than 75 million sites on the web.

Some drawbacks of WordPress.com are:

You can’t upload your custom theme. This can be a huge setback for your graphic design skills. 

  • The storage space given is small 
  • No complete control over the content 
  • Customize plugins are not there for you 
  • There is still some hidden cost you incur down the road. Maybe what’s free is not free 

All these drawbacks are why bloggers who want to get serious go for WordPress.org, as it offers all the available features not given on WordPress.com. 

If you want to be serious about blogging from the very beginning, going for WordPress.org will be of great advantage. 

It will save you the stress of switching from one platform to the other down the line, and most importantly, you get a blog with advanced features from the start of your career, which can be very helpful in your journey. 

Now you know it’s possible to start a blog without money. 

It’s time to put out your great content to the public. 

If you have been following and implementing the steps, you should have a blog ready. 

People learn more by doing, not just by reading. 

So my advice is: go and implement what you’ve learned so far, and most importantly, don’t forget to stay tuned and motivated for our next money-making piece. Helping you make money is what keeps this place going. 


I specialize in building, managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing WordPress Web Design/ or Elementor Pro and WooCommerce powered websites.

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