Upwork is a robust freelance platform that’s been around for much longer than you might guess. I can only imagine that only a fraction of the reader would remember the old days when Upwork was called “ELance.” Things are much different now, and you couldn’t find as many Upwork Jobs for beginners then as you can now.

Upwork jobs for beginners

In 2022, there’s no overemphasizing the sheer number of lucrative Upwork Jobs for students or anyone looking for a viable side hustle.

It’s all there for the taking.

A typical Upwork Jobs search doesn’t even need a college degree or work experience.

However, after running many an Upwork jobs review, I can say that it’s important that you keep your wits about you.

Freelancing on Upwork is a legal business endeavor and requires a bright hustling spirit. Such qualities should get you your first set of easy Upwork Jobs to put you on the path to financial freedom.

This article will take you through some of the best Upwork jobs in the USA that you can start based on your skillset.

Bear in mind that whichever you decide to pick, the secret is to start small and firm, taking on tasks that only require a few hours to complete. Then, you can work your way up the Upwork jobs list when you get more comfortable with it.

Before you proceed further, check my video tutorial on How To Optimize Upwork Profile For Freelancer and How To Get Upwork Profile Approved Without Rejection + Video Guide.

Remember how the start is often the most challenging part of a business venture? It would be best if you didn’t complicate things for yourself on your first Upwork Jobs work from home. Instead, use a step-by-step approach, and you’d be fine. Try not to underestimate your delivery times or take high-stake tasks at first.

Now, let’s get on to the best Upwork QA Jobs list for beginners.

Upwork Creative Writing


Creative writing is as good a place as any other niche to start earning on Upwork. The many secret people don’t see it is the immense demand for creative writing projects on the platform. However, you can break in and break-even for yourself by picking up beginner creative writing jobs on Upwork.

You could start with something brief and simple, like a children’s book. The Upwork jobs categories could broaden up for you as you gather experience working with clients. I hear you say, “But I don’t have enough experience writing a children’s book.”

Many people get anxious about not having the right skills to thrive in creative writing on Upwork. That could lead them to stop applying for Upwork easy jobs and getting opportunities altogether.

My advice is that starting as a beginner shouldn’t deter you from learning how to get work in Upwork.

How many years do you think you’d need? A year? Seven? Even if you came up with a number, you must understand that you’d have to start from somewhere.

There’s nothing wrong in learning how to get Upwork jobs as a beginner, especially when you’re joyous that a newbie can complete it anyway.

One helpful tip is to look out for job descriptions, as they might give you some clues. First, beginner-friendly creative writing tasks are often short, spanning not more than 1000 words. Most of them would come with a template, which is often straightforward.

Entry-level creative writing Upwork Jobs online is relatively easy, and contrary to what you might think, it pays significantly too.

For example, a short story could go for about $20, and you could finish it up in an hour or thereabouts. So do the maths, and you could be clocking over $300 in one week. Lucrative, if you ask me.

Email Copywriting


We have email copywriting and other Upwork legal jobs you can try out as a beginner further down the list.

Many business brands keep an email list: a repository of email addresses they’ve collected from past and prospective customers.

The task is to send regular emails to the entries on the list and try to make each copy personalized for each of them.

Since the brand has different emails to be sent out, they’d need an email copywriter that could help them reach their audience either with a sales announcement or promotion.

Thankfully, it’s one of the many juicy Upwork beginner jobs you can get; it’s even one great option if you’re looking for Upwork jobs from home.

Also, you don’t have to be an expert in the industry where the business operates. Most establishments would be glad to give you a quick and easy guide for the work.

Use the instructions to make out a copy, structure, and format the article with the basic writing skills you’ve learned, and you’re good to go!


Transcription involves, quite simply, taking a clip of an audio or video recording and converting them to text. As a service, transcription is an excellent way for a beginner to start earning significantly from the Upwork platform.

The pay is often encouraging – you can expect up to $30 an hour – and you could build yourself an impressive portfolio in no time.

However, I must mention that while people may think that you need an exceptional skill level to get started, you don’t.

Transcription on Upwork is as easy as listening to the audio file sent and typing out what you heard.

Blog Writing For Upwork Jobs For Beginners

Almost every website you see on the internet needs content. Most business websites use blogs to drive sales and pass helpful information to customers.

But, as you might have imagined, the demand for blog/article writers is massive due to the various businesses that need them.

Each company needs a blog article according to its niche.

For instance, a real estate agency website needs material informing past and prospective customers about their recent property sales and other recent changes in the market. On the other hand, a local private school might need a blog post about their facilities and how they can improve children’s intellectual capacities.

As a beginner, you could find several blog writing jobs on Upwork. Some of them are easy enough for you to complete in a few hours, and you’d get paid afterward.

Some clients may even help you out with the topics and outline for the piece, and all you have to do is arrange them into a readable article format.

We have some honorable mentions regarding the other options you have. For example, if you searched the platform today, you can consider Upwork bookkeeping jobs or Upwork programming jobs.

Also, Upwork Jobs data entry and programming are surprisingly easy for anyone to begin. Still, it would be preferable to have a better-than-average proficiency in maths and logic. However, Upwork jobs for beginners data entry might need you to take some ability and skill tests before commencing tasks.

Also, you can pick out any Upwork editing job you can find. Most of them don’t have a proficiency level requirement, so even a beginner can have a go at it. So that extends to Upwork Jobs translation as well.

However, you might need to make further elaborate arrangements with the client to see if they’d give out Upwork handwriting jobs.

Another popular, lucrative option is Upwork jobs virtual assistant services. You’d be surprised by how easy it could be for beginners.  

Bottom Line About Upwork Jobs for Beginners: How to Apply and Get Hired

Upwork is an excellent place for beginners to start making money from freelancing.

Despite some opinions that you strictly need the experience to complete tasks on the platform, you genuinely need the willingness and enthusiasm to finish Upwork Jobs available.

For those wondering, “What jobs are on Upwork?” you’d be glad to hear that there’s a lot of it. Things get better when you consider the few ideas mentioned above. They are a great place to begin earning from Upwork jobs remotely, and you can start with them right away without prior experience.


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