You’d agree that the world has fully embraced the gig economy, and more businesses are putting freelancers into their workforce. With freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you can get into the freelance system and start making money conveniently today.

However, beyond the opportunities that freelance platforms have afforded us, it’s worth mentioning the peculiarities involved. First, you must understand that a freelance career is as legitimate as any other business model. You’d have to deal with business features like competition with other freelancers. I’m here to tell you that there’s stiff competition in the gig economy.

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr boast of tens of millions of freelancers. That means many people are offering the same skill as you, whatever that might be. So you’d have to work harder to prove to clients that you’re the best fit for the job out of thousands of alternatives.

That sounds like a lot of hard work – and it is, for some technical skills. But what if there’s an easy freelance job that you can pursue on either Upwork or Fiverr? People have been asking, “ Which work is best for beginner freelancers?” and looking for an answer that they can work with.

Thankfully, I bring to you – in this piece – a brief list of some of the easiest freelance jobs that you can start with little or no technical skills.

Write A Message For Clients

I bet you didn’t know that people can pay you to write a custom or stylized message for them. It’s one of the easiest things you can do on Upwork or Fiverr. All you’d need is a creative idea of how the message can be written. For instance, you could write a message on a mannequin holding a board or on the beach at sunset.

Some clients can pay up to $5 per custom message, and you can take things further by delivering the news in a custom way. For example, a quick search on Fiverr would show you some creative ways freelancers try to give bespoke messages to their clients. You can start today with zero skill and experience.

Become a Social Media Manager

People often ask, “ How can I become a freelancer with no skills?” Unfortunately, there’s hardly a better answer than starting as a social media manager. The only real requirement for this skill is to be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you use these apps daily, managing them for customers has to be the easiest freelance job you can have.

What’s more, social media management is lucrative. Since there’s no experience level necessary for the job, you could earn up to $30 per month for each management contract you sign. The money quickly adds up if you can combine two or more clients.

Become a Content Writer

Are you looking for an easy freelance job that requires only your writing skills? Content writing is the most suitable option you can consider today. Content writing is easier if you’re comfortable writing in any language.

The job description includes writing new content for blogs, websites, and other companies. In other cases, you have to do is Copywrite some existing material to suit the client’s needs.

Content writing on most freelance platforms has its levels, indicating the skill and experience you can bring to the job. Beginner content writers often start with an average rate of $10 an hour. That number could triple once you can develop your writing skills to an advanced level.

Become a Data Entry Freelancer

Another skill you could get into on any freelance marketplace is data entry; this job is on a different level of ease. Here’s the deal: The client hands you a set of data sets and the applications you need to input them. They would also give you the instructions to follow on each entry. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects; take the data sets and fill them into a system.

However, I’d like to mention that data entry jobs are often a part of a bigger job the client might have for you. They are included in a virtual assistant job description, so you might have to complete other smaller tasks (Read on What Skill is best for Fiverr for a better idea on Virtual assistant jobs). But whatever activity you have to do, it’s not intensive and wouldn’t require any technical skill.

Then there’s the pay: you could earn up to $20 an hour, depending on your skill level. Clients are typically willing to pay for quicker deliveries, so you might want to work on a faster turnaround time.

Become a Transcriber

You can go from zero work experience to a money-making Transcriber on Upwork or Fiverr. It’s one of the easiest freelance jobs you can currently find and only requires that you type fast.

The job description involves receiving sound or video clips from the client and converting each conversation, monologue, and other speech instances into text. All it takes is to have a keen ear and quick fingers so that you can type or write what you hear from the material.

Thanks to the high demand for transcribers, the average rate for a freelance job is about $15 an hour. So when you calculate that into a six-day week, you will find that you’re already making a lot of money.

Wrapping Up on What is the Easiest Freelance Job?

As you might have guessed at this point, freelance marketplaces are a great place to start a freelance career. But away from the opportunities these platforms provide, it’s nice to know that there’s something for everyone – even if you don’t have any technical skills.

But what are your most accessible options to start making money on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork? There are quite a few, and I’ve mentioned five of the best choices you can consider. The best thing about them is that you can open a freelance account and start making money on any of them. They’re that easy.


Rufus S. is an author and blogger who writes about freelancing and career development for the Busy Earner blog. He is an expert on platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr and shares practical tips for building a successful freelance career. Rufus is also passionate about helping busy earners manage their time and avoid burnout.

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