Which freelancing site is best for beginners in this twenty first century?

Have you ever cared for figure out the best freelancing platform out there in 2022?

Or have you come across a freelancer trying to figure out the preferred freelancing platform to use?

If you haven’t, then try to see the look on their face while they scroll through pages of several sites only to end up with confusion and frustration.

They were confused because many freelancing platforms claimed to be the best in the business and frustrated. After all, they couldn’t make up their mind.

Some end up wasting their limited internet data after several hours of opening boring pages that aim to sell one idea or another.

Others end up saying things like, “freelancing is too hard.

Maybe this stuff isn’t meant for me.”

Cut the crap!.

Freelancing isn’t meant for who?

After investing several hours or even months to learn skill, you think it fair to give up now?

It would be best if you had given up a long time ago and saved yourself from the stress of doing a repetitive, tedious task.

Most people believe freelancing is all about talent.

They hear things like Some people are born to write. Others are born creative.

While all this can be true, talent isn’t always the case with freelancing.

Tenacity, consistency, and perseverance have always beat talent.

These things are essential in a freelancing career.

Self-doubt, with saying things like freelancing is too difficult or freelancing isn’t meant for me, arises when people are confused about choosing the right platform to start a freelancing career.

What skills do you need to succeed in a freelancing career?

Be you a writer, designer, or web developer and the rest of the services offered; these skills are a must to succeed in any freelancing career.

  • Time management: If you cannot define the time to watch movies from the time set aside to offer your freelancing services, then you are headed for trouble. You can say freelancing is not meant for you if you don’t have the skill of time management because late delivery will be your second hobby.
  • Consistency: There is no escape route to this skill, but it is a must. Remember, you are repeating what you do.
  • Perseverance: The ability to keep pushing when things go south is something you need. Items will not always work in your favor
  • Problem Solving: Freelancers are problem solvers. If you can’t solve your clients’ problems, then you are useless to them.

Can you earn 6 figures as a freelancer?

Ambitious freelancers often ask about the possibility of earning 6 figures.

Or maybe they are motivated by greed.

Nothing is wrong with having the ambition of earning a 6 figure, but everything is terrible when you want to do it overnight.

The answer is Yes!

You can earn a 6 figure. Limitations only exist in the mind of a freelancer. You can make more than 6 figures if you are willing to work.

What to consider when selecting a freelance platform

  • Commission fees: You cannot be working while somebody else takes home the reward. That’s not fair or fair to a hustler like you. Things can be terrible for a new freelancer struggling to make ends meet.

Do proper research to determine how much take-home you would be left with after each transaction. Run away from sites that want to reap where they didn’t sow

  • Customer Support: Things can always go south. Your money can get stuck in the process of withdrawal. System malfunction can hinder some of your services. Some clients can be a pain in the ass by not responding to messages or emergencies on time.

This is where customer support comes in handy. You need a platform with active and efficient customer support for the coming rainy days.

  • Payment Methods: A site without varieties of payment methods should be avoided. Depending on the payment method, you can lose considerable money to processing fees. For example, platforms like PayPal, with higher processing fees and also not readily available in some countries, might do more harm than good.
  • Avoid general-purpose platforms: Your chosen platform should be specific to your skills. Sites like freelancing writing gigs and writer access are peculiar to writers; these are the sites to select as writers. They offer more flexibility and more features to make writing less boring
  • Security and Scammers: Internet fraud has become the order of the day. People are becoming less ethical and more greedy, willing to go any length to defraud you of that hard-earned money of yours. Be careful. Choose sites with higher security and, if possible, a two-step verification.

Best freelancing sites for beginners – Which Freelancing Platform Is Best For Beginners

Knowing what to look out for gives you an edge over the competition.

This list of best freelancing platforms is from top to bottom, with the top being the best of the best. Have fun going through the list.


PeoplePerHour - best freelancing

This is the number one freelance platform out there. It is efficient, reliable, and home to more than 1 million registered freelancers.

It connects clients with different talents globally, and it is a guaranteed place to make money.

You can work across multiple niches, advertising different gigs to showcase your talent in other marketplaces.

Features like in-app messaging, invoicing, proposal viewing, and account management make it more user-friendly.

By using various tools to perform freelance tasks more efficiently, sellers are connected with different companies and organizations.

You are also provided with monthly one-time and quote-based payment methods.

Your payment is guaranteed on PeoplePerHour.

You don’t need to worry because buyers and other clients must make advance payments to the platform.

The buyer or client becomes verified when the payment is processed.

You are assured of getting your payment after work.

It also creates a rapport between buyers and sellers by connecting those within the exact location, thus enhancing better working relationships.


Fiverr - best freelancing platform for beginners

If you don’t use Fiverr, you are depriving yourself of its great benefits.

It is one of the most popular freelancing platforms, home to more than 10 million users worldwide.

The first of its appearance was in 2015 and has since gained a lot of recognition and dominance over others.

Freelancers create gigs on different services they offer, and these gigs are seen or serve the purpose of advertisement.

When a client visits an attractive gig, they contact the freelancer for further details.

These gigs also have a price tag attached to show how much rendering a service would cost.

Fiverr operates so that the buyers or clients pay in advance for a chosen gig.

When you complete your task as a freelancer, Fiverr gladly transfers the money into your account.

Services such as writing, web development, digital marketing, audio editing, translation, video editing, and many more are offered on Fiverr.

One cool thing about it is that you don’t need to stress yourself by sending out countless proposals to different clients.

You must create a gig with the necessary details, and when a buyer or client likes it, you are contacted for purchase.

Note that the minimum amount of a gig is $5. There is always room for increase as you grow in experience and expertise.

Some of the critical features of Fiverr that make it the preferred choice is that gigs can be sold quickly with little to no effort; data and other transaction-related messages are secured with end-to-end encryption.


Freelancer.com - best freelancing platform

Mostly dominated by tech, freelancer has become the most popular freelancing platform spanning countries like India, Pakistan, the UK, the United States, and several others, with over 24 million users across the globe.

Definitely a great place to make money as a freelancer.

The friendly user interface gives it easy navigation across different types of jobs.

If you are a graphic designer, a writer, a web developer, or whatever skill you are made of, there is a place for you as a freelancer.

You can monitor every time spent doing things like completing tasks, sharing data, and tracking progress to enhance transparency between you and your client further.

You can quickly lose your client’s trust when they begin to perceive something fishy, which can damage future working relationships.

The payment system of freelancer is safe and secure.

You don’t have to worry about not receiving money when completing tasks because the funds will be credited into your account in no time, depending on the payment system you opt for.

Connecting with employers to showcase your talent becomes very easy as you go on completing tasks.


Upwork - Best freelancing sites for beginners

If you are a freelancer still thinking about which platform to register for freelance services, you should consider Upwork.

Formerly known as Elance-oDesk and founded in 2015, it has remained one of the most used freelancing platforms with over 10 million active users across the globe and is headquartered in the United States.

When you are looking for various jobs and services, Upwork is the perfect place.

Whatever skill you have, there is always a readily available marketplace to offer such services.

Skills like content writing, freelance web development, marketing, and sales are the most common.

One good thing about Upwork is how it simplifies the process of searching for jobs and talent with its algorithm designed to match clients with the best freelancers.

So you are assured that the best talent will handle your job posting.

Some of the good features of Upwork include an In-App messaging tool that provides communication between clients and freelancers.

The billing and payment system is also very secure. Once a task is completed, payments are released accordingly.

To know more about Upwork and why you should consider creating an account, you can check Upwork 101: Everything you need to know about Upwork for in-depth details.


Guru.com - Best freelancing sites for beginners

This platform promotes transparency and values trust between clients and freelancers.

When you sign up, you become a member of over 5 million freelancers working as writers, developers, engineers, etc.

Creating a profile is easy.

You need to sign up and fill in a few details, which can be great for beginners who are mostly bored with a massive amount of profile information.

Being a trusted freelancing platform, there are so many working opportunities posted daily that you can always lay your hands on.

New freelancers often get frustrated when they have no idea which freelancing platform is best for beginners.

Going through the list of the five best freelancing platforms for beginners, informed decisions can easily be made depending on the need of the freelancer.

As a freelancer just starting a freelancing career, many uncertainties surround the future.

While you cannot be guaranteed a successful freelancing career, going through the list of which freelancing platform is best for beginners would be a great place to begin the journey of becoming your boss, which is the essence of freelancing.


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.

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