Having a sizable number of followers on your LinkedIn company page has several benefits. You’ll appreciate its importance when you post content that doesn’t get enough engagement. The disappointment can be frustrating if no one views your content after spending time and other resources to create it.

To gain followers on LinkedIn, you must promote your company page and have engaging content. And sometimes, it’s better to have a small following with high engagement than have a high following with no engagement.  It’s the quality that matters, not the quantity.

Before promoting your company page on LinkedIn, you must ensure it’s up-to-date, complete, and fully optimized. You must follow the LinkedIn company page optimization best practices to gain more followers. People wouldn’t want to follow a half-finished and unoptimized page. 

The following are proven methods to increase followers on your LinkedIn company page.

1. Create and Post Engaging Content Regularly

Before anything else, ask yourself this question. Why would anyone want to follow your page?

People will only follow your LinkedIn company page because you provide them with value. And that’s where content comes into play.

Regular posting of engaging content is one of the ways to increase followers on your LinkedIn company page. Your company page should be where people can find educative and valuable content. And if you’re consistent with the content you post, they will follow your page because they want information. 

With good content on your page, you get to maintain your current followers and also attract engagement from others. The higher the number of people that engage with your posts, the higher the chances of converting engagements to followers.  

The content doesn’t necessarily have to be directly yours. It could be from a third party or from your website. Out of every six posts, four could be from a third-party website, while one should be your brand promotional content and the other should be your blog. This simple rule is what many companies use to gain followers. 

2. Invite Your Connections to Follow

Sending invites to your connections to follow is a simple and direct way of increasing your LinkedIn company page followers. Although, you must be the content admin to do this and have a considerable number of connections.

Go to the ‘Admin Tools’ menu on your homepage and click ‘Invite Connections.’ You can send up to 100 invites to people in your connections monthly. Increasing your LinkedIn company page followers with your existing connections is easy and efficient.

3. Add a LinkedIn Profile Link to Your Email Signature 

Adding a link to your email signature is another simple, efficient way to increase LinkedIn company page followers. Before you can email someone, it means they’ve shown interest in your business. So, whenever you want to send an email to prospects, include a link in your signature. 

There’s a good chance they would like to visit your page and learn more about your business. And if they like the content you post on your page, you can earn a following from there.

4. Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Company Page

The use of hashtags is a great way to get your company page in front of your target audience. It gives you a lot of coverage that can convert to followers. 

LinkedIn recommends using 3-5 relevant hashtags in your posts or company page. Use industry-related hashtags so that when people search on LinkedIn, all conversations related to the hashtag will appear in the search result. This will help to increase your reach and grow your followers. 

5. Use LinkedIn Ads Campaign to Gain Followers

There are three things you can achieve with a LinkedIn ad campaign. These include increasing brand awareness, consideration, and conversions.

To gain followers, you should go for the ‘consideration’ option. Choose ‘engagement’ under this option to increase social engagement on your content and increase your company page followers.

But before running a LinkedIn ad, make sure your company page is complete and up-to-date. This is because LinkedIn only runs adverts through complete and optimized company pages.

6. Use LinkedIn Analytics

As mentioned earlier, quality content is key to increasing followers on your LinkedIn company page. No one will follow your page if you’re not posting high-quality content regularly. Content is everything. Without content, people have no reason to follow your page.

With that in mind, you also need to monitor the content that gets more engagement from your audience. You can use LinkedIn page analytics to check which content is working. Focus your efforts on producing content that gets your audience excited and engaging.

By giving your existing followers what they want, it’ll help you attract more followers to your as engagement increases. 

The methods discussed in this post offer the best route to increasing followers on your LinkedIn company page. Once you start gaining followers, ensure you continue to provide them with valuable and relevant content. This will help keep the existing ones and attract others to follow. 


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.

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