You’d quickly realize that price rates are one of the freelancers’ most subjective metrics. It all depends on factors like your experience and expertise, but you ultimately decide what works for you best.

However, the reality is that you’re not operating in a vacuum, especially on a massive marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr. There are several thousand other freelancers with the same skillset as you and their different rates. Therefore, there is a standard price range on the platform. But the question I hear many new freelancers ask is, “how do I get my prices for graphic design services that I offer?”, “How do I ensure it isn’t too high or low, based on the industry standards?”

I’m here to answer those questions and show you a typical graphic design price list for 2022. You can use the information to set a favorable rate for yourself or realign any preexisting one you have.

How Should You Charge for Graphic Design Services?

You could offer your graphic design services either in various forms.

For example, on sites like Upwork, you get hired based on a contract that’s either charged hourly or per project.

Also, you could offer your services in a package, as is the case on Fiverr. In such a case, you’d get remunerated based on your terms.

However, whatever means you’ve chosen to render your graphic design services, you must price yourself right so that clients won’t think you’re overpriced. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to set the rates too low, as that can hurt you in the long run. Then, how should you go about developing a reasonable price for your skills?

For one thing, you must consider your sustainable point. That’s the total income you can make in a year which can see you through a financial year after taxes. Your annual salary can determine your sustainability point if you have a full-time job and are looking to switch to freelancing. Generally, the value you end up with may tally with the obtainable standard average on the platform. From that point, you quickly calculate your hourly or per-project rates.

Another way you can charge for your services on Upwork or Fiverr is by considering a long-term goal rate. This rate is one that you project yourself earning based on your prevalent living standards. For example, long-term goal rates would consider certain variables, including your tax estimates and business expenses for the year.

Furthermore, if you intend to expand your earning potential significantly when your skill levels are rising, you can also factor in your planned net income. The good thing about having a long-term goal rate is that it lets you keep a dynamic earning system that can grow as your freelance business expands.

Some Graphic Design Price List You Must Know

Below is a chart of current rates and prices for graphic design services in the industry. They also include standard averages from Upwork and Fiverr as well.

Project TypeBeginnersExperts
Logo Design$150-$350$450-$2500
Photography (per hour)$40$100
Basic Website Design$500-$1000$1500-$5000
E-Commerce Website$1000-$5000$2000-$7000
Avg Hourly (hourly)$40$100
Magazine/E-book (~32 pages)nil$1800-$2600
Flyer/Poster/Full Page Adnil$150-$350
Static Social Bannernil$30-$100

The above data showed a typical freelance graphic design price list in 2021. However, in 2022, not much has changed with the prices, and you can still use the information as a guide. For example, you might have noticed that some services don’t have beginner-level rates. That’s either because there isn’t enough data or because clients generally request those services from more skilled and experienced hands.

Overall, the list would be handy for anyone looking for a graphic design pricing template for their new freelance career on Upwork or Fiverr. It could also be used to analyze the average price in your niche and compare your rates with other freelancers.

How to Quote Custom Offers

Beyond charging a fixed rate on your services on Upwork and Fiverr, it’s essential to learn the art of successful quotes for customers who want a custom job. You’d have to consider the custom project requirements and the client’s expectations. These insights would help you correctly gauge a rate on that job, such that it benefits both parties.

Furthermore, the client’s personality would also come into play: are they open to approving your creative inputs? Do they want strict implementation of “perfection” on the job? You can deduce any of these by asking relevant questions during negotiation with the client. Then, you can adjust the rates accordingly.

I’d also like to point out that it’s much easier to give the client a price range on a custom job rather than an actual number. That’s because your rates are almost always approximate (your desired work hours with the exact time spent on the work), and an actual price puts you in a corner on the deal. Plus, a price range can adequately cater to whatever edits and changes that might come in during the work process. Overall, having a comprehensive chat with the client allows you to flesh things out and go with what works for both of you.

Wrapping Up

You must understand the importance of pricing yourself right as a freelance graphic designer. That puts you in control of your earning potential, unlike clients with personal expectations and needs.

However, you can’t just set an arbitrary price on a platform like Upwork and Fiverr. A standard average can guide you, especially if you’re new to the platforms or looking to improve your skills. Unfortunately, the entire process can get confusing, so I’ve provided a recent price list for freelance graphic designers in the article above.

You can also find tips on how to properly quote prices for graphic design services to customers who want a custom job. With such information, you retain your bargaining power while keeping with the price standard for your line of work.


Rufus S. is an author and blogger who writes about freelancing and career development for the Busy Earner blog. He is an expert on platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Fiverr and shares practical tips for building a successful freelance career. Rufus is also passionate about helping busy earners manage their time and avoid burnout.


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