Are you a WordPress developer with an Upwork account you run? I’m positive that you’re familiar with the job description most of your clients want.

You’d have to use your skills to make a WordPress platform for whatever digital services they require.

You can make a lot of money as a WordPress developer, Depending on your skill level and experience.

But all that won’t matter if you don’t get a customer in the first place. You’d need to convince a prospective client that you can handle their WordPress job professionally. Remember: Upwork is a digital marketplace for remote freelancers.

As such, people need to be sure they’re getting what they paid for before handing over money to a freelancer, whom they consider a “stranger.”

How do you convince someone that you’re the best WordPress developer they can hire? It would help if you had an excellent overview of your Upwork profile.

While it might look straightforward from the onset, I’ve seen many people mishandle their Upwork description and overview.

Little did they know that it’s the reason clients will pass by their job applications most of the time.

You don’t have to fall for the same mistake, and that’s why I’m going to show you how to craft the best Upwork overview sample a WordPress developer can have.

I’ll also give an example, so you can identify an excellent overview when you see one. Let’s get started:

Who is an Upwork WordPress Developer?

I’m sure that you already know the basics of WordPress development.

However, things are slightly different if you’re a WordPress developer on Upwork.

For one thing, you’d have to be ready to work closely with the client on each job: their demands are your command in such cases.

However, that’s not something that will be too difficult for you. Most Upwork clients only want quality WordPress development from the freelancer, and if you’re worth your salt, you should be able to deliver on that.

Also, an Upwork WordPress developer needs to be creative, with enough innovative ideas to impress businesses and individuals.

Furthermore, it’s important to include other business virtues as you work, such as honesty, transparency, and punctuality.

That’s how you can convince clients that you’re the best fit for any WordPress project they might have now and in the future.

Upwork Sample for WordPress Developer

Now that you have an idea of what you’re getting into as a WordPress developer, it’s time I showed you what your overview page looks like.

Feel free to draw inspiration from it, as well as pointers to help improve your profile’s overview:

Hello, my name is Daley Maguire. I’ve functioned as a professional Angular, CSS, and WordPress developer for over seven (7) years. During that time, I’ve picked up a reputation as an excellent Front-end Developer. 

I understand that thousands of freelance Web and WordPress developers are available on this platform and, indeed, the larger freelance market. However, I consider myself one of the best shots in my professional career, as I’ve never had one unsatisfied client.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from The University of Minnesota and proceeded to get a Lambda Coding school certification in Advanced web development in 2015.

Since then, I have gained significant expertise in building web applications using various agile technologies. Also, I can keep up with maintaining websites and mobile apps, given my expertise in WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, and HTML/CSS. A big interest to me is to produce high-quality and module-oriented SEO-friendly codes for the client’s convenience.

I have my hosting, which makes it easier to show you the work progress on projects anytime the client wants.

Some of the other professional skills I have include:

  1. Use of PSD2HTML
  2. Web Designing talents
  3. Use of JQuery
  4. Problem-solving abilities
  5. Quick response
  6. UX and UI designing
  7. Monitoring and supervising

I strongly believe in hard work and honesty. That has pushed me to seek long-term professional relationships with my clients and ensure that every handled project becomes successful. So, if you hire me, you have my assurance that you’ll get a satisfactory service.

As you can see from the Upwork overview sample above, the freelancer highlights the main things that capture prospects on Upwork: experience, virtue, and versatility. The freelancer opened the write-up by stating his experience as a WordPress developer. He then explains how the experience can solve the client’s problems.

Notice that the freelancer took the following paragraph to mention his educational background briefly. Typically, WordPress development customers aren’t keen on academic qualifications, but you can include it in your overview if you’re sure the information can help them in some form. Also, if you’ve got other relevant skills for the Upwork profile, the following paragraph is an excellent place to put them, just like the sample did.

Lastly, round the overview out with a closing pitch. You can assure prospective clients that they won’t make a mistake hiring you for their next WordPress development project. It’s the same pattern and idea you’d follow if you’re writing a cover letter for job applications (Check out our How to Write a Great WordPress Developer Cover Letter Sample for better insights on that).

Other Details You Must Note

Another thing I must mention when reviewing an Upwork overview sample is the need for you to brief in the address. The truth is, clients don’t have the time to read through your or anyone’s overview page. Instead, they’d scan through to pick the vital information, so it’s best to leave out the fluff and long sentences from your overview. Also, most clients prioritize quality over experience, so you might want to give more space to your expertise in WordPress development.

 Before we round up, try not to falsify anything on your overview page – not even your Upwork profile picture! Many freelancers looking to score a big gig on Upwork will try to include a skill or experience level they don’t yet have. I’m here to tell you that you’re setting yourself up if you do that. Clients often go through the trouble of fact-checking every claim you make in your overview. They may check your past reviews if you have them or find other relevant work info about you. Worse still, the client might set up an interview to test your claimed prowess – you’d likely have issues at that point if you’ve provided fake information on your overview page.

Wrapping Up on Winning Upwork Overview Sample for WordPress Developer

WordPress development on Upwork is a big deal for most freelancers since you can quickly start at the entry-level. However, you can improve your experience by having an excellent overview page on your profile. That way, you attract more clients and higher-paying ones too.

Don’t know how to craft an excellent overview page? The tips above can help you get started on the right foot. I’ve also included a sample to understand what your overview needs to look like.


I specialize in building, managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing WordPress Web Design/ or Elementor Pro and WooCommerce powered websites.


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