WordPress Design and Development have to be the more lucrative technical skills you can have as a freelancer on Upwork.

How do I know that? It only takes a few searches on the platform to see how freelancers earn five to six figures from those services.

Granted, they would require you to have ample knowledge and experience in WordPress and its versions.

What’s more, you’ve got to be creative, ready to learn and unlearn.

But no matter how versatile you are as a WordPress Developer or designer, you only get one chance each time to convince a prospective client to hire you for a job.

You must make it count, which is why you must learn how to write great cover letters for each job application.

A cover letter represents you to the client and tries to convince them that you’d complete the job just as they wanted.

Cover letters are a powerful tool for WordPress Developers or any freelancer on Upwork.

But, can you write one correctly?

In this article, I’ll show you some essential parts that make up a Winning WordPress developer cover letter.

Also, I’ll include some sample templates to help you visualize the concepts we’ll discuss.

Ready? Let’s read:

Understanding Your Gig: What’s WordPress Development?

I’m sure a freelancer needs to know what their skills are all about before they can write about them to others.

But you see: it’s not as straightforward for technical skills like WordPress development.

A WordPress developer job description is often complex, making it tricky for you to express it to other people.

This is why it’s essential to break down into simpler terms what WordPress development entails.

We start by defining WordPress: as an online software tool that lets users build websites for personal or commercial use.

The application is open-source and is based on the PHP programming language.

Over the years, WordPress has gained so much popularity that you’d hardly find an online business or individual who doesn’t use it.

From blogging to eCommerce and CMS (Content Management System), people find it easier and more convenient to use WordPress for their online operations.

Your WordPress developer cover letter must mention how you can help customize WordPress to suit different user needs.

That involves creating new WordPress-based frontend and backend sections for a website and installing plugins that will assist the users in achieving their specific tasks.

What your WordPress Developer Cover Letter Should Include

We’ve gone over little technical details on WordPress development, so let’s focus on what your cover letter should have when applying for your next WordPress development job.

Below are the crucial facts you must note.

Introduction: Start Strong

For your WordPress Developer cover letter introduction, you want to be as brief and straight-to-the-point as you can manage.

That means you give your salutations and address the job description immediately.

It’s best to mention your interest in the available project and lead the client straight to the body of the letter.

Body of the Letter: Address the Job Needs

I know you might be tempted to show off your WordPress development skills, but that’s not what the client wants. On Upwork, clients want to see how you can help them complete a given job most effectively.

That said, you’d want to primarily talk about the job needs in the body of your cover letter.

What problems did you notice in the requirements?

How can you fix them for the client?

What other benefits can you bring to the project?

Prospective clients will like you to address these crucial points in your cover letter.

Conclusion: Soft Remarks

After you have laid out your master plan for the job offer, you might want to feather the throttle in your conclusion.

Round out by assuring the client that you’re the right fit they’re looking for and mention your anticipation for their positive response.

In the end, leave your salutations – don’t forget to include your full name too!

WordPress Developer Cover Letter Sample Sets

Below is an Upwork cover letter sample, and how it looks like after using the tips above:

Hi Margaret,

I found your Upwork offer on a WordPress eCommerce website with an immersive front-end design and 100% secure backend calculation. According to the description you gave, the job is a high priority one requiring as few days as possible. Also, you specified that you don’t want to use your card to buy any plugins or wp themes.

These requirements are fully clear to me and I am applying because I have the skills and experience you’re looking for. I have ten years experience working as a WordPress developer and designer, through those years,  I know all the workings of WordPress customization and development.

My first guarantee, if given the opportunity to work on this project, is to make the ecommerce site 100%. Moreover, I will be available to implement future edits and any other customization requests you might have.

I understand that communication is key, and that’s why I’m always available to my clients 24/7. You can reach me anytime you need me throughout this project.

I look forward to getting the requirements docs of your site, as that can assist me to start work immediately. If you have any other suggestions or information, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Daley Maguire

As you can see, Mr. Daley Maguire, in this sample, has gone ahead to give the client a compelling reason to hire him.

What did he do?

He kept the introduction simple and directly addressed the job description.

Towards the end, he explained how he can bring his years of experience to play and handle the project in record time.

Here’s another example you can consider.

This time, it’s addressed to a bigger client – an organization instead of a person:

Daley Maguire

14, Bleecker street, 1400 Ave. NY



Crash Bandicoot Ltd

1800, Amphitheater ave. NY

Date: 01-01-2022

Dear Janice,

I’m applying to your official post on Upwork for the position of an entry level WordPress Developer in your company.  I’m very much interested in getting on the project, and think I’ve got the right skills you need.  

I’ve completed 5 professional WordPress Developer certification exams over the course of 10 years. With all that time, I’ve completed hundreds of development projects as well. Customization has always been a massive requirement for clients, and I’ve had to develop creative ways to implement that.

I understand that you need a WP-powered e-commerce website that can handle 50,000 page visits daily. It’s a task that would require a robust backend security implementation. We won’t forget to consolidate it with a responsive and adaptive frontend as well. I can achieve all this much within the three weeks you stated, and I assure you of a satisfactory job worthy of your positive review.

I appreciate you considering my proposal, and if you’ve got more questions for me, I can be reached through chat and email. I eagerly wait for your approval, so that I can begin work ASAP.

Yours sincerely,

Daley Maguire.

The above sample is more formal than the previous one but still practical. Here, the freelancer has kept everything brief and detailed. I won’t be surprised if the client picks him for the job before they’re done reading the proposal. Instead, it showcases an awesome entry-level WordPress developer resume.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re on the latest WordPress build or can complete an admin console project in record time, you still need to have the proper cover letter to convince the client to hire you each time.

How do you get it started? You don’t need to get confused about it. Instead, follow my honest guide above, which should be clear to you in no time.


I specialize in building, managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing WordPress Web Design/ or Elementor Pro and WooCommerce powered websites.


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