You write the codes, kill the bugs and run the script sequences. You consider yourself a professional web developer and are looking to pursue a career on Upwork.

All of that is great, except that you must first convince a client to hire you.

As a web developer, what does it take to apply for a job on Upwork? First, you must have an excellent Upwork web developer cover letter.

I’ve seen many freelance developers who know their stuff but can’t put it into writing.

That doesn’t have to be you, and that’s why I’m going to show you how to correctly write a cover letter for a job on Upwork in this piece.

Read along, and you’d also find a true-to-life web developer proposal sample for Upwork. It might help you get a clearer picture of the subject.

Getting Started

Many web developers looking to ply their trade on Upwork often think the clients there are the same.

They’re not, so you can’t use the same proposal format for two Upwork job applications.

How do you develop a cover letter that suits each needs? For one thing, you’d have to follow the basics.

Below are key points every Upwork web developer has to consider when drafting a cover letter for a job offer:

#1: Know Your Web Development Language

You may have gotten severe web development certifications and experience over the years, but they might not matter for certain Upwork Jobs.

Clients only care about your knowledge of scripting and authoring languages.

Therefore, you’d be doing mighty good by only mentioning your proficiency in both.

Also, you must know when you use web development languages: for many clients, scripting and authoring languages are handy when they intend to build a website from scratch. However, since there are no alternatives, this knowledge could make or mar your chances.

#2: Content Management is Key

If you can write and build a website, it follows that you know how to handle its content, too, right? Many Upwork web developers leave this part out, thinking web content management is someone else’s business.

Generally, web development clients want the most for their money, and when they can’t get that, they try to settle for continuity. So what that means is that if you can’t write, design, or edit the contents of a website for them, at least create an effective way the next person can do it.

#3: Identify the Clients Problem ASAP

Another mistake you should avoid when applying for jobs with your Upwork Web developer cover letter is leaving out the client’s problem until the last paragraph.

In the body of your cover letter, it’s best to mention your willingness to follow up on issues on their website through testing and user feedback.

#4: Take Care of the Smaller Details

Do you know how to convert components to a compatible web format? Typically, this should be easy for any web developer, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it out in your cover letter.

Include these little points in your Upwork proposal, and the client will notice your attention to detail and might hand you the job.

A Web Developer Proposal Sample

Now that we’ve discussed some of the expectations that your client might have from a web developer, let’s see what your cover letter should look like with the sample below:

Dear Hiring Manager,

Wish you a very good day

Responding to your latest job posting on Upwork, I hereby apply for the post of Web Developer position on your ongoing project. Over the years, I’ve nurtured a stellar background in Web Development by constant and successful practice. This goes along with my academic qualifications in Computer Science and Technology from Cornell Institute of Technology.

Incidentally, the real-world experience and my academic education have provided me with some outstanding and technical skills. Beyond that, I consider myself naturally excellent at creating intuitive designs, true to the client’s needs and specification. With all that, I’m positive that these qualities make me different from the rest of the contestants

Furthermore, my skill range covers frameworks and projects involving HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have ample experience working with these scripting languages, and I’ve had to implement and solve real-world problems with small and large software and IT teams. Still, I’m open-minded, and always eager to learn new methods to keep my skills sharp and improve on them whenever I get the chance.

Thanks to the boom in IT and the digital life, I’ve kindled a passion for mobile and software technologies as well. To that fact, I’ve worked with some mobile companies and successfully handle some of their projects. I also got some helpful experiences and fond memories. It’s no surprise then, that my recruiters respected my creativity, hard-working and stamina.

All these are why I’m confident that I’m the best candidate for this job offer, and will prove a great asset to your project. You can find attached to this letter, my profile, portfolio, and work history. I entreat your kind consideration, as that might help you to better recognize my prowess.

I thank you for taking the time to review this letter. I’ll look forward to getting a response from you about moving to the next stage of our communication.

Thanking you

Daley Maguire

As you can tell from the sample above, the freelancer mentions why they should be considered for the job and explains in detail why.

Throughout the body of the letter, they didn’t waste time on narratives or other details the client won’t bother reading.

Another thing you might notice is the generous use of transitional words, which helps the freelancer connect each of their paragraphs.

In the end, this is a well-put-together, cohesive and effective cover letter worthy of getting the job offer.

Bottom Line

You might be a professional web developer looking to start things off on Upwork.

But no matter how good you are, you still have to convince potential clients in writing.

That means you must know how to write an excellent Upwork web developer cover letter for each job application.

Do you find it confusing? I’ve highlighted some basic details you have to note to help you get started more conveniently.

What’s more, I’ve included a sample that shows you how it’s done, and you can imitate that for your following cover letter.


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