Thanks to the excellent demand, Upwork data entry freelancers are meeting higher earnings targets in 2022, and beginners are getting their first jobs more straightforwardly. – winning upwork data entry cover letter

I probably need not tell you how massive Upwork has become today. Instead, the platform allows freelancers to develop their skills professionally while earning lucratively from it.

Beyond that, Upwork has helped numerous newbie freelancers to find their feet and make their first living from working with remote clients.

As you might expect, the freelance marketplace offers a broad range of services, from content creation to virtual assistance, translation, etc.

If you have a formal skill you’d like to monetize, the chances are that you’d find available clients on Upwork who might want to pay for it.

One such professional expertise is data entry.

However, there’s a lot to the positive development than it might seem initially.

For example, did you know that most data entry freelancers make the big break by composing a winning cover letter and proposal?

A data entry cover letter is crucial to convincing paying clients of your skill.

Remember that Upwork is a remote-based platform with little chance for a complete interview process.

A proposal letter is all you have to convince a client that you can deliver on the job.

However, the “how” is more important than the “why” when writing a winning data entry proposal on Upwork.

What template can you use? What’s the right tone and structure to get people to notice you?

In this piece, I’ll show you how you can write your data entry cover letter most effectively and give handy template examples to assist you.

Preparing to Write a Data Entry Proposal Letter

As with most things with business, you’d have to prepare the variables before setting out to write a data entry proposal.

It would be best to remember that data entry jobs are much different from offers in other expertise. Therefore it must have specific considerations. Some of the factors to note include:

  • The Job Description: It includes all the client’s cues and additional notes that express their idea of how the job should be done.
  • Project Time: The overall time you’d have to take on the job should you be given. Try not to overestimate or underestimate, as that might cost you or the client later on.
  • Time Requirements: The client may have some time-related requirements, such as how many segments delivery is scheduled into. It would be best if you acknowledged that in your Cover letter.
  • Payment Structure: You’d have to hash out how you intend to receive payment for the job in the proposal. The document mentions the payment method (if there’s a difference from Upwork’s) and the hourly or weekly rates.
  • Work-Related Information: It’s best to mention other work-related information in the proposal. That could be information on the apps you’d use, whether they would get completed online or offline.

A Data Entry Proposal Letter Template

Below is a sample of an effective data entry proposal:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I hope you are in good health condition.

I have gone through your job posting on “Data Entry” and found that you are looking for a Professional Data Entry Expert.

You have precisely expressed your need and schedule in your job description.

I have the requisite skills for this job, being a Professional Data Entry Specialist and a hardworking employee and understood your requirements, and I promise to make you satisfied on the job.

I believe that my experience would convince you to pick me up as a suitable contender for the job.

I have been working on Data entry, Data importing, Data exporting, and Data mining for the last six years. I can confidently state that I have achieved every skill you mentioned.

Presently I am working for a Non-Government Organization (NGO). I have a good speed of typing more or less 40 words per minute.

I have known all the characteristics and models of Data Entry every day. I have been proving myself by providing a satisfactory service to my clients.

I’m delighted that the schedule you have mentioned is perfectly suitable for me.

However, I can confirm that I am confident in submitting my work on time. 

To be sure that I can pull your tasks off, you can visit my profile and past work histories.

I was hoping you could look at my past success rate and the feedback I have received from my Honorable clients.

You can also look at my sample work copies on my website (Website link) so that you have no confusion about my talent.

I firmly believe that I am the ideal applicant for this project. Just give me a chance to receive a five stars feedback from you.

If I have convinced you to select me, I am available 24 hours and 7 days a week for contact purposes.

I am always available on Skype, Email, and WhatsApp.

I usually work 60 hours a week, but I am ready to work more if you are interested.

Please consider me as the right candidate for your job and let me put my skills into your job.

I appreciate your consideration.
Best Regards
Daley Maguire

The sample proposal above would likely do the job, as it nails the fundamentals of what a data entry proposal should look like.

While you might notice some personal tone in the document’s body, the writer touched on the job description and his skills to meet them.

Other Proposal Details to Note

When developing your data entry cover letter, either from scratch or a template, you must remember that quality is better than quantity concerning your content.

The idea is that the client isn’t swayed by the volume of your proposal and is looking for some key points instead.

Furthermore, your proposal should be good enough to get a positive reaction on the first few tries.

A winning Upwork proposal is simply the best one the client would consider, and you want to achieve it as quickly as possible.

After all, getting a job after applying is much better than getting dropped for the ten applications consecutively.

Parting Words

I’ll be the first to tell you that you can make a lucrative living for yourself on Upwork as a data entry specialist.

However, clients won’t just hand contracts to you on a platter. Instead, you must show that you’re worthy of patronage, and a proposal is the only way to do that.

I’ve highlighted the components that make up a high-yield Upwork cover letter and a sample letter to set you in the right direction as you develop yours.


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