You might want to get into Upwork freelancing for the first and wonder, “what is the highest paying skill I can get into?” Thankfully, the gig economy and platforms like Upwork are places where you can get paid for any skillset can deliver satisfactorily.

That said, it could help if you knew the highest-paying job descriptions on freelance platforms, as that might enable you to position yourself to earn more than you do currently correctly.

Also, you can pick any of the included skills as an addition to your skill set and boost your proficiency level even more.

I’ve got a comprehensive list of the top-paying jobs you can currently find on Upwork.

Some of them are hotly demanded (as seen in our other guide on the Most Demanding Job in Upwork), and you could start by offering these skills in no time.


Copywriting is starting on the list, arguably the most lucrative job description on Upwork today. However, copywriting is high-paying in terms of the rates you can charge clients.

Depending on your skill level and experience, you can earn up to $40 per hour on a single gig.

Not only that, you can feature on multiple projects at once (if you can handle that), making the earning potential go up even more.

As a copywriter, you must prepare content for emails, websites, and social media handles.

Sometimes, the client hands you specific instructions with which to work.

Once you can deliver on a single copywriting gig, you’re well on making a big bank on the Upwork copywriting niche.

Digital Marketing Consultant

A lot of businesses now realize that not only do they need a website, but enough marketing to bring more people to the site.

As such, brands turn to digital marketing consultants to develop an effective strategy to funnel leads to their websites.

On Upwork, you’d find many clients jostling for the services of a freelance digital marketing consultant.

Most of them are willing handsomely for advanced skill levels, so it’s not unusual for you to make up to $50 hourly once you cut.

That’s substantial when you calculate it into an 8-hour and 6-day work week.

What’s more, you also stand the chance of getting a long-term, in-house offer from mainstream brands. Upwork would then allow you to prepare a much higher custom rate.

PR Management

Public Relations management is what I’d like to call the “moneybag” of all Upwork freelance high-paying jobs.

You can walk home for about $100 hourly on a single, entry-level PR management gig.

It gets even sweeter when you have an advanced skill level and are willing to commit to a more extensive job description.

The skill involves managing brand identity online with new and existing customers.

You’d also be responsible for mitigating crises and interfacing with media contacts on behalf of the client.

The job description is extensive, but you’d be laughing all the way to the bank once you complete a few projects.

Virtual Assistance

Many believe you could make a decent living as a virtual assistant on Upwork.

However, that’s only half the reality, as the job description is one of the highest-paying options you can find on the platform.

That’s thanks to the increased demand for the service and the limited freelancers available for the task.

You’re saddled with data entry, calendar and appointment organization, email management, and scheduling as a virtual assistant.

You would be handling specific areas of the client’s daily routines, just as you would if you got employed as a physical personal assistant.

Then, there’s the pay: as of last year, the average entry-level virtual assistant job could go for $20 an hour.

It might not look like much until you consider that the work hours are small, and you can conveniently handle multiple clients simultaneously.

So your total daily rate could come to hundreds of dollars with this strategy.


A professional photographer can earn lucratively on a regular day, but Upwork and other freelancing platforms broaden the possibility even more.

For example, you can charge $100 an hour to help a client capture an event, people, or product immediately.

Also, depending on your disposition, you can make it a part-time or full-time position.

What’s more, the work hours are very flexible, and you could be on the payroll of three or more clients simultaneously.

The same logic goes for animators of different skill levels.

Some major brands could also onboard you permanently at a much higher rate.

Either way, you wouldn’t regret getting Upwork photography job skills today, as it’s one of the most paying gigs.

Web Designer

If you’re more scientifically inclined, programming is perhaps your best bet to earning big on Upwork.

However, you don’t have to get in too deep, as clients are always looking to hire a web designer for their online brand.

Your job would be to build new web pages for the client and manage existing ones. You need a good command of innovative web features, and you’re in business.

I can tell you it’s good business, too, as you can earn up to $30 an hour for a start.

Seeing that the field is expected to grow larger, Upwork web design jobs would only get juicier.

Wrapping Up on What is the Highest Paying Skill on Upwork?

It’s advisable to have some trajectory when getting into Upwork freelance for the first time.

What jobs are high paying? How do they relate to your existing skills? Understanding these factors allows you to make better decisions.

It also puts you in better stead ahead of other freelancers.

Luckily, I’ve taken out the time to list six of the highest-paying jobs you can find on Upwork today.

You have to sharpen your skills to match any of them, and you can begin to make serious cash in no time.


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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