If you want to be your boss today, there’s no better way to do it than to put in for freelance work on Upwork. You can work at your chosen hours and pick projects you feel most comfortable with.

You’d find that many professionals are beginning to see the benefits of freelance work life. Several hundreds of accounts get opened daily on Upwork as more companies try to employ freelance skills independently. The arrangement is a win-win for both parties as well.

Another benefit to the gig economy is that you work at your skill level (read our guide on What are your top three skills for more information about Upwork skills) and steadily improve your experience to take up higher-paying projects. Whatever industry you’ve chosen, there’s a lucrative opportunity for you on the Upwork freelance platform.

In this piece, we will be going through some of the most in-demand job descriptions you can find on Upwork. The list would help you reposition yourself on the platform for bigger gigs. It would encourage you to seek other in-demand skills to bolster your earnings.


First on our list are copywriting jobs on Upwork. This is perhaps the most popular and in-demand job description of all time, both for freelancers and clients alike. Thousands of copywriting jobs are available in the US alone, and speculations show that the number will increase in the next ten years.

As a copywriter, you’d get involved in projects including advertising copies, newsletters, blog posts, and emails. Any public document intended for a large or specific audience to read is well within the job description.

Most Upwork copywriting jobs could earn between $15 and $45 per hour. However, it could get higher if you can secure a long-term contract with a significant client. Copywriting is currently a lucrative in-demand Upwork job, and it would be great if you gave it a shot.

Digital Marketing Consultant

The next entry on our list should come as no surprise to anyone. Digital marketing is everywhere these days: from websites to social media pages, you can see some of its elements. As a result, a digital marketing consultant is a skill that lets businesses hone their strategies for better digital visibility.

Right now, digital marketing consultants are hotly demanded on Upwork, and you can join in on the fun. The job description requires varying levels of experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing, and online advertising.

Freelance consultants could earn between $15 to $45 hourly at the entry-level position. Thanks to the increasing demand for the skill, your rates could be higher depending on the project size and how good your negotiating skills are.

Web Designer

Web designer jobs on Upwork are hot cakes primarily because everyone is scrambling to have a website today. A brand’s presence online is one of the prerequisites nowadays, and every business needs a web designer who can shape its online identity.

The web design freelance job description would also include handling several scripting and programming languages like JavaScript and Python. In addition, specific clients would Iike to use frameworks for their projects and would pay substantially for a web designer up to the task.

You can expect to earn up to $30 an hour with web design skills on Upwork. That quickly adds to a lot of money when you secure a steady job stream from clients. Also, there’s the opportunity for the business to retain you as their de facto designer. Of course, you could command much higher rates with such an offer.


Editing has been a long-standing skill on Upwork but recently saw a massive surge in demand. Companies want editors to complement and cover their text generation department. What’s more, hiring a freelance editor is much more economical than on-premise personnel.

That doesn’t mean the pay is cheaper on Upwork editing jobs near me. Instead, $20-$40 an hour is significant, especially when you can keep multiple job sources simultaneously.

The job description generally involves reviewing and revising written texts for the client; you’d have to ensure each article meets the standards according to the given guidelines. In addition, editors have to ensure that the grammar, syntax, and punctuations are in order.

Data Analysts

A simple “data entry jobs on Upwork” search on the internet would show how quickly clients demand data entry freelancers. Small, medium and large businesses all have to manage their generated data, and freelance data analysts offer a cost-effective solution.

Suppose you can pick up a skill in data analysis. In that case, you’d find that it involves crucial data trends between the brand and its customers, studying indicators and metrics on day-to-day operations so that the clients get actionable insights. Also, you’d be saddled with handling big data analytics as it flows into the business daily.

These are highly specialized, so the rates you can expect are pretty juicy. For example, you can earn $50 an hour with an entry-level data analysis skill on Upwork. Clients would be willing to pay more if you can show proficiency in advanced data entry applications.

Public Relations Manager

Did you know that companies now hire their PR managers from Upwork? The trend started a few years back, becoming a hotly demand skill in 2022.

Primarily, you’re expected to promote the brand’s image to as many demographics as possible. PR managers must create glowing press releases and oversee social media content. In other cases, you may also have to collaborate with the client’s media contacts and manage the press during a crisis.

Generally speaking, Freelance PR managers on Upwork earn some of the highest rates for entry-level positions. For example, you can land $100 an hour on your first PR gig, which would only get higher from there onwards.

Wrapping Up

The list of the most demanding jobs for new freelancers looking to start earning on Upwork is quite relevant. It lets you know which of your skills you should focus more on and the one you should consider picking up instead.

Above are six of the most hotly demanded Upwork jobs you can find today. That’s due to the many clients requiring more freelancers for various projects. You can get started with any of them and earn lucrative rates on your first few gigs.


Shalom is an experienced freelancer and author who writes about her experiences and offers practical advice on the Busy Earner blog.


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